Saturday, October 26, 2013


We went to watch a play for our learning journey at the DBS Arts Center last night (a pretty obscure, short, white little building along the Singapore River) 
Before that, we had dinner @ Central (the shopping mall), satisfied my subway craving (I get a subway craving like, every week) while the rest of them had ramen. :-) For once we had to make an effort to get there early/punctually, we have issues with moving and being on time. 
"Guys I know how to get there, do you trust me?", asked Simon as he led us on a ginormous round along the length of the Singapore river HAHA. We actually panicked a little because we were afraid we couldn't get there on time, we got a little sweaty and flustered and lost on the way there. But we made it there eventually, where we joined the rest of the class + Mr Cheong & his wife heehee :-) 

my pleasure to sit between these two losers
the lady sitting behind us looks pretty creepy in this photo. 
Some technical blackout cropped up, so the show couldn't go on? The stage manager was really nice about it though, it's apparently the first time it has happened in all his forty years of stage managing, and we were fortunate enough to have been at the receiving end of it HAHA. 
But all in all the acting was really p good, and WOW THE CLIFFHANGER I really want to find out what happened.

So we spent the rest of the night walking around

"Winston you can stand up straight" / Viggy, I think you and I can sit out of this photo, I don't think anybody's going to be able to see us at this time of the night."
Mrs Cheong took this photo for us - despite the bad lighting HAHA.
What are the odds that you ever get to walk around Clarke Quay with your CT and his wife, on a Friday night at 10.30PM?

Settled down at burger king afterwards for supper (stole fries from ben + Si's root beer float + Fang's medicine tasting strawberry sundae okay that was a little gross)
(I'm thankful for my boys, in spite of everything)

We're going for today's show so we can find out the ending, here's to another cool night ahead :-)