Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's been a week since all my papers ended last wednesday, but quite a lot has happened over the last few days.
& it's also been a year since my last official day in mg, watching my juniors leave is making me feel so so nostalgic, I kind of miss 2012.

post promos pancake + playnation party (cray alliteration going on right there) with the classmates @ strictly pancakes, we ordered 6 pancake sets + chicken wings HAHA, and shared it among the 8 of us. Strictly is really filling though, got a chance to taste like so many different flavours (sweet & savoury), yum yum
I'm so glad I tried the chocolate pancakes + lemon curd oh my it tasted AMAZING lemon things taste amazing. (the above is a pretty crappy picture, it does not do justice to the actual thing HAHA) 

Went over to playnation after stuffing ourselves with good pancakes, and we played band hero + DANCE CENTRAL (wowowow dance central is actually a really fun game with wonderful choreo, I wish I could dance better, dang.). But ah, it was really good fun :----)))) 
Thank you guys for the wonderful post promos party 

 After I&R + OP lecture and collecting our WR final drafts,
Walked around Orchard with Fang Viggy Ali & Si for the whole late afternoon/evening/night and wow it was great fun being back in Orchard *SHOPPING* after forever :")
It was interesting shopping with my guy friends, though HAHA.
Viggy looking really happy in his shades in topman

mmmm fang in a cap HAHA

my first perfect batch of pancakes after a few semi-successful attempt YAY YAY wow I gotta stop with this pancake obsession HAHA.  

normal transparent plasters because PRINCESS PLASTERS ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY sigh. 
+ mildliners because a lot of mine died after highlighting my lit exam texts HAHA

Been spending the past 4 days, from like 9 to 6 with my PW group working on our OP (***special thanks*** to the bestest buddy ever HAHA tq for all your references and for looking through my slides even tho you didn't have to and for chasing me to do pw when i'm so lazy yay :-*) 
It's crazy like omg. But I'm so thankful for this bunch, you guys are amazing and p good company, for all the long working hours and 2 hour long lunches HEEHEE (& who traveled to 313 for lunch because I got so excited about sumo salad HAHA.)

 op dry run day @ A21 today, 5+++ crazy hours in the classroom presenting/contributing questions/giving feedback. I felt like I was a judge on a panel when it was our turn to giving feedback. 
It was freezing btw
Today was a crazy day, all in all. 

photogenic classmates being photogenic / fang's angels HAHA

okay bai.