Saturday, August 18, 2012

i'll be your shelter, i'll be your storm

CATWOMAN *Anne Hathaway* 

I really really really want to read this book. Going to town tomorrow, gonna see if I can find it.
If I can I'm just going to buy it I D O N T C A R E 

Today was a fun day, got to wake up like by myself, without the use of any alarms so it was really aaahhh heh satisfying. Anyway played Batman on the XBox with my brother (unfortunately there was no Catwoman for me to play as so I settled for Harley Quinn) before going for Chinese tuition (didn't fall asleep at all for the first time in weeks!) 

Had lunch at Sushi Tei @ Vivo with the extended family which was yum btw ate so much Japanese food I was such a happy fatty afterwards aaah! And then bus-ed to church. :)))))))

church friends are the best, always look forward to seeing them after a whole crappy week because they brighten up my day x1029098. So today worship was really good so yay! And then we went to Ryanny's house after worship for bible study with the CG :) And then we had dinner there HAHA the usual feast whenever we go to Ryan's to eat. THANKS RYANNNN you're a really good host :) 
& then bused home with linx and so here i am scrolling through tumblr & batman stuff being semi-obsessed with catwoman aka Anne Hathaway hahaha ok 

can't understand half the shit going on sometimes. 
i'm tired of trying if you don't.