Friday, August 17, 2012

the dark knight rises

Okay I don't exactly feel anything..... quite annoyed the past two days with the primary school teachers literally shutting us up and disallowing us from talking like seriously.... Y'all should try starting with your own students who scream whilst running across the hall while we have our exams. The P6s were in the next freaking BLOCK on the other side of the school. I mean I understand they have oral but do you have to go to this extent? You don't see our teachers crawling around the primary side.
Okay angst over.

This week's papersssss.... Physics 2 was pretty bad PRETTY BAD HAHAHA. mostly because I couldn't do a few questions and I felt pretty ngeh about it because I'm usually pretty good at physics.... Hmm. Okay.
Was positively dreading the A Math paper. Super didn't want to do it because I had the notion that it was really hard, and considering paper 1 didn't go all too well, I was hoping for 2 to make up for it..... Before the exam I was joking with Mrs Choo about not wanting to sit for the paper, so could she take it for me instead. She goes sure, I'm very good at A Math! HAHA. But it turned out alright, PRAISE THE LORD :)))) It was better than Paper 1 actually, so yay!
SEA was good good good GOOD. Mrs Ng said she had to really try to decipher my handwriting though, first time teachers are complaining about my handwriting!!!!! HAHA okay so it's pretty shit when I sit for exam papers that require me to write quickly + non stop.
Bio & Chem MCQs were pretty good :))))) happy about that.  Physics today wasn't as bad as Mr Liu had put it out to be. As in yes, it was challenging, just not as difficult as I expected it to be, since he said it was worse than 2. We'll see.
Didn't understand shit for chinese LOLOLOLOL END OF STORY. Apparently it was easy. I think not. SO THAT WAS THE END OF PRELIMS!
Okay la so the prelims period was kinda alright. It was simply taking papers in the morning, going to study with Grace outside the staff room afterwards, and talking to our lovely teachers :)))) Definitely something i'm going to miss so much after we graduate. :/

OH OH new TV series I love. Watched Revenge on Wednesday night, after I tweeted that I saw the creepy promotional ad for it on TV and Mrs Lau said that its a good show and that I would like it and so I went to watch ittttt and it was GOOOOOOD. The pilot was amazing like wow. It was a little scary though but oh my so goooood! Gonna continue watching :))))

Today I watched The Dark Knight Rises with Jiayi Meggie and Stace :-) Okay so everyone says this after they watch TDKR but: IT BLEW MY MIND. Tbh the violence and fighting scenes were scarier than The Dark Knight (I've watched it quite a few times, on TV and because my dad bought the DVD) because Bane is more confrontational & brutal than the Joker & Harvey Dent.

I LOVE CATWOMAN *ANNE HATHAWAY* x109803985 MORE NOW OMG OMG she was such an amazing Catwoman in the show, was really impressed with her fighting abilities. She acted really well too, wow wow wow! HEHEHE. &&& JGL!!!! heh he was such a good cop

(spoiler alert)

Didn't watch all the intense fighting scenes because. HAHA just because I cannot handle intense fighting scenes. Quite gross how he was in the prison and his inmates were trying to help him escape and the nice old man goes "you have vertebrae sticking out of your back" and he shoves it back into place AHMAGAH.

Was really really sad when Alfred left Bruce Wayne omg no :( Then again I get upset when the characters on screen get upset very easily. But ahhh oh dear :((((

The plot twist at the end was the most shocking thing ever though. How Bane wasn't the child that was born and eventually escaped from the prison, but it was Miranda Tate aka the woman that invested in the renewable energy thing under all the bullshit that she wanted to "sustain the earth" but she just wanted to turn it into a bomb to fulfill her father's will or whatever. She was the child that climbed the wall and escaped. And Bane was the guy that helped her escape wow when she stabbed Batman I was like craaaaaaap but then again this means that Batman'll get together with Catwoman so :)))) HAHAHAHA.


Took me a while to recognise him though, meh :-( 

Loved the movie okay :) 

9+ weeks to Os, 9+ weeks left in this home of mine, and after 4 weeks of Os, I'm officially gone. 
I'll miss home so much.