Tuesday, August 7, 2012

prelims week 2

Isn't it funny how a year can change things.
Then comes the second part of the day, staying back in school for all sorts of various reasons, and of late, for National Day. I can't say that I'm the most patriotic person, and I can't say that this task given to me, to head the planning committee, has drained me of a lot of time and energy, but yet at the same time, I love doing this, I love being busy and preoccupied, and on top of all of that, I love the people that I have spent so many afternoons with the past three weeks after school. Tessa, Bev, Berenice, Kristin, Lisa. You guys are the most amazing people to work with, from WALKING INTO THE HALL LIKABOSS, to laughing at MLGIs, to stressing over deadlines, complaining and whining about how hungry and cold we are like full-fledged hobos, running all over school and having countless meetings outside the staffroom in the morning, and just laughing a lot sometimes. You guys, I know we're going to do such a good job on Monday. And I can't ask for better people to spend my afternoons with.

I really miss having National Day rehearsals and meetings. Skipping meals, doing proposals, freezing in the audi/computer labs, it was all worth it. It was worth every last second, I loved every last second. Really excited to go to school for celebrations tomorrow :))) Mrs Choo was trying to convince me not to come to school this morning because she wants me to "stay at home and study" lmfao. Wouldn't miss National Day for anything :)

Reading through notes that date all the way to last year, the national day period, and I really miss you :(((( sighpie.

My days consist of:
Cramming in the morning for the first paper in the canteen with Berenice & Grace / Grace/ Nik
Sitting for my first paper in the morning. Ms Ng said I was so intense during the bio paper just now when she purposely walked past my seat HAHAHA.
Skipping food and cramming for the second paper which begins exactly an hour after the first paper ends.
(Today I didn't have a second paper so I sat and I waited for Grace and got to talk to quite a lot of people like Nik about Bio hahaha + Ms Ho about history stuff because I was kinda trying to study SEA and future things, like JC combis and stuff and I realised how much I don't want to think about it aiyaaahhh can I just stay in MG for the rest of my life + Ms Ng who pops by everyday stuck stickers on her pigeon hole today :))) + Mrs Choo who wants me to write her a booklet-ful of notes after prelims BAHAHA)
Going for luuuuunch the canteen is so nice and quiet when the rest of the school's in class for lessons
Cramming for the next day's papers (Today we don't have a paper until next week YAYZ so I spent my time talking to Grace and Charis LMAO)

Not bad I like it when we have to sit for all those major school exams and school ends so early so I just end up slacking/studying/talking to people outside the staffroom :)

byebye waves of nostalgia