Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today was pretty fun :)))

Brother woke me up when he was leaving for school, so I was in a state of semi-consciousness from 6-8.30AM, bleh. Okay, but apart from that, the morning spent with Ms Ng and Grace was really quite good :))) Cool morning! Packed lunch, and then went back to school!

Had lunch in school whilst watching the LD comm carry out their games trial, I wish I could have been put in the LD comm, but then again, it has been sort of a blessing in disguise that I wasn't. But still, I think they're doing a really good job, super can't wait for Longest Day with my beloved class of 2012 ♡
Headed to class to see if anyone was there, only Bev was and she was kinda all intense with her oral so I sat outside class to wait for 12.40 to come. Char came soon after noon, and we sat outside class talking and reminiscing about her primary school days and lower sec days HAHAHA it was quite nice to talk :-)

Went up to the staffroom to look for Mrs Choo! Heh because she said she'd talk to me before my oral, and so I decided to bring Char along too! HAHAHA quite funny la how Mrs Choo kept going on about bringing our grandmothers in and coming up with sad stories to win the hearts of our examiners. It was a good time before our actual oral.
Funny thing was I wasn't nervous at all throughout the course of the day. So I'm quite glad teehee. PTL for peace that transcends all understanding because I would usually have been entirely too nervous.

Okay admittedly our topics were pretty crap HAHAHAHA like they were relatively hard. Our reading and picture was about some public debates and arguments thing, and our two conversation topics were about problems faced among our own community and whether historical sites and landmarks should be preserved. W O W given a few seconds to think about such topics is not an easy feat coupled with the fact that when you go in you tend to be pretty nervous as well. BUT OH WELL my examiners were so nice :))))

Came home and started ranting about oral HAHAHHAHA pretty funny la tbh ok but it didn't go thaaat badly when i reflected on what went down.

OKOKOKOK going to watch masterchef soon *happypapz*