Sunday, August 12, 2012

long weekend

have a physics paper tomorrow...... but ah. HAHA. Can't really study for physics anyway, just comparing answers and trying to internalize how to phrase some questions rn. Really really grateful for my physics teachers, really, because they always put in a lot of effort to come up with the answers to tutorials, test papers etc etc and upload them for us + availing themselves for help + doing up powerpoint slide notes for us :-)))) Yup super blessed to have wonderfully dedicated teachers! 

anywaaay, National Day celebrations in school on Wednesday were alright :) I mean I really miss doing ND from last year. Met up with the comm, so glad that all of them (except Tessa who lost her shirt HAHAHAHA) came in their I LOVE SG shirts :)))) Yays! And had a really amusing concert with Cristina and Keren and Char :) our class attendance sucked tbh but that's alright I guess I kind of expected it HAHAHA. 
Mmmmh went a bit high, and that was all. ~
Went to Orchard to have lunch at Mos with Grace & Charis after that, and bought myself some Starbucks yay! 've been craving starbucks so that was happy papz. :-) went to Beauty World after that with Grace to check out "Yue's bookshop" HAHA. And walked home after that, which was yay because I like walking great distances (Okay so it wasn't thaaat great a distance, but it was great enough HAHA)

Thursday & Friday were spent alternating between mugging and uhm slacking HAHAHA I guess the urgency to study for this week's papers didn't entirely set in until Friday when I was like oh, I need to study for this week's papers, aaaah. HAHA but all's good because I'm done with Southeast Asia :) Sort of la, I didn't study the entire thing, I'm doing Nationalism and Independence because Unit 2 is just too long and boring...... Hm. HAHA ok. 

YESTERDAY was fun timez at church :))) packed lunch to eat after tuition! Had lunch + did work with a very frustrated Felly who was trying to do her math at the usual table outside the kitchen & kindy rooms HAHA :)) SEA + Physics arhhh! K so did quite a bit of Physics which I was pretty happy about and then went up for service :))) Aah loved the songs that we sung for worship + message by Pastor Kok Fai was really funny, learnt about how God exemplified all five of the love languages :))) 
Okay so Pastor said this and Rachel kind of wrote it down and instagrammed it so:
"In the equation of love, there are two entities. There is a God and there is you. And God loves you." 
:))))) Simple truths. 

Went down after service to celebrate birthdays! Krissy the extremely stm girl baked wonderful red velvet cake for Ryan's + Liang Le's + Val's + Hannah's birthdays (HAHA mass celebration of birthdays around this period)  YUMZ can't wait until she bakes for me for my birthday HAHAHAHA ^^^^^^^. Took photos tooooo wow fun times with the church friends :)))) Couldn't thank God enough for such a wonderful bunch of people, love my churchies so much :')