Friday, November 1, 2013


It's been a whole year, guys.
Or rather, more than half a year since they announced our PW groupings (I can't remember when, exactly). And I can't believe it, but our PW journey together came to an end yesterday. As much as I wanted PW to be over, I kinda realised that I'll miss spending /all day everyday/ with you guys.

we started off as five, and after manda left we were down to four. but hey, we've always got constant support and encouragement from our coolio 'murrican friend, we've missed you manda, and we still do :')

we literally take a million years to get things done. & this photo is an accurate representation of our level of focus when it comes to pw meetings. (we are lying on the floor of the LT, watching a day in the life of lil john - entirely pointless HAHA - when our actual OP was on the following day)
we take ages to settle down and finally start on work, we go for two hour long lunches, we spend most of our time watching stupid youtube videos like Charlie the Unicorn, or nigahiga, or listening to dubstep, we talk about life more than we talk about our wr or our op. 

But y'all are such amazing friends. Not just my group mates, but wonderful, wonderful friends. I can't imagine not spending as much time with you guys. Thank you for not being one of those disastrous groups our seniors sometimes tell us about - far from that, y'all are great people to work with (most of the time HAHA). 
I wouldn't trade all the time we've spent (attempting to get ourselves to start) working, all the late hours in school, all the empty classroom hunting, panicking together, tanking last minute together.

ali - we've made it through the year without killing simon :-))) thank you for being my healthy eating (most of the time), starbucks drinking buddy, and just being really good company. I know I can always count on your good sense of judgement to counter my very poor one, condescending olivia is on the prowl ;-) here's to many more years of long talks about life in general over food, and exploring cafes with the rest of them :') love you, dear

ben - my dear, i've pretty much picked up on how you speak "hello" "huh" "eh, sorry?" "hah, i don't understand." heehee, thank you for always being so cute and blur (it's what makes ben, ben), and for being our valiant and courageous group leader. For all the nights you stayed up and tanked way more than we did, for always covering for us :') take care of yourself, i love your hugs and i love you, benita polyzoidis vickerzzzz 

si - you can't see our eyes, but they're there. thank you for all your outrageous ideas (you have a "one-of-simon's-stupid-ideas-is-coming-up" laugh), and thank you for being lovely company and always making me laugh. don't be disappointed or jaded, we're always here to listen to you whine :-) glad we got closer because of pw, you're always welcome to come over and play injustice etc HAHA. here's to many more lunches and long talks, love you, you retard.

we've made it guys, we're done.