Tuesday, November 5, 2013

what a tiring few days it has been. Enjoyable, but tiring. Spending more time out than I am at home, I think that's a large reason why I'm so tired haha (I am 16 years, 11 months and 5 days, growing old) 

best present on saturday from hammy :') It's so gorgeous I can't bear to write anything in it before thinking it through because the outside is so pretty I don't want to make the inside ugly HAHA but yeah thank you hammy I love u fureva you ma one and only prince :') 

this girl goes back to cheltz (she is playing badminton now and therefore cannot hold a conversation with me on whatsapp lol) Glad you came back, even though it was only for two weeks, see you really soon (it's like you never left la alamak) 

<I made breakfast on Sunday, for ma whole family yes that's right> - egg yolk omelette, banana pancakes topped with banana puree & raisins, and stewed apples at the side ;;;---))) domestic goddess LEVEL UP jk I can only flip pancakes can I please perfect the art of flipping pancakes and flip pancakes for a living. Sounds lovely. 

Recce trip to the GB campsite with the camp comm :-) did some rly hilarious filming for pubs videos (ryanny's a na-tu-ral at acting and filming "i'm changing the lightbulb" + ran through games ideas with them HAHA. this is by far my favourite campsite (it's our third year having it here, out of all the five church camps I've been to) 
So so stoked for camp - for a crazy time of games (i promise you all it'll be gr8 HAHA we're working on it) and most most most importantly, the time with God that I really need.

Impromptu lunch with si viggy & cassia on monday - the fried mars balls we had after feat. viggy's model cup-holding hand + si's op surfer berms uhm.
+ shopping for food and for clothes too, ali joined us after lunch

day @ the beach tomorrow I AM INCREDIBLY TIRED so I'm going to bed soon