Tuesday, November 12, 2013


thus begins the proper organisation of my photos (because I have a new mac air heehee - technically, it's my dad's underused old one since he got himself a new laptop - but I am happy and blessed nonetheless, no more laggy laptop !!!!)
these are the photos I took today of our home improvement project. 3 consecutive days of CIP - definitely meaningful, but also exhausting. Went around trying to get some artistic shots today because I was tired haha sigh.

I have never painted walls before - this is a novel experience. :-)

fixing up the IKEA-smelling sofa bed

my grandma used to buy this for me for us to share when I was younger

9 year old shahrul watching tom & jerry on his new study table (haha the irony) 
"shahrul do you like the colour of the walls!" <white> "don't mention it"

ian koh('s hands) aka idiot who kept trying to get in the way of my *artistic shots* today

artwork & timetable by a nine year old
"how do you spell silent? s-a-l-e-n-t?"

*clatter of any falling object hitting the ground* "LEVINSON WHAT HAPPENED"
"Levinson I thought you weren't allowed in the kitchen [in case he breaks something]"
"Smells like something's rotting in the fridge *pokes head in to check it out*" "If it smells bad why are you opening the fridge"

it's a really nice pastel green (think apple green, but lighter)

zhen stuffing a pillow into a pillowcase
"I'm tired" *lies in the middle of the stretch of road outside the cage*

thank you guys for the good three days :') It's been a crazy time of painting, packing food, making a mess in the progress - and cleaning said mess up. Wouldn't have been as fun without y'all, blessed with amazing, selfless and entertaining batchies :-)

And on Monday, our PW cycle finally finally came to an end. Praise the Lord :')
fave groupmates in the world posing with our gpf in the LT that we tried to break into once but we couldn't find the light switch so after hunting around for like half an hour we finally gave up HAHAHA. We are such losers, but I wouldn't have them any other way :') Thank you guys so much "We will never rehearse OP together ever again." Here's to As (for Amanda) next year 

Thank you Mr Toh for tolerating our nonsense for one whole year you're gr8 and always entirely patient with us :') 

Hardly feel like attending school because I just fall asleep in everything. Plus, there are only like two lectures a day. Sigh.
Oh well