Friday, November 1, 2013


2 months of 2013 left, where has the year gone?

gr8 start to november though :-) ran 6k in the morning with si and ben (from school, to bishan park, around bishan park, and back to school) in preparation for /kiseki/
In which I died. The buffet killed me, I haven't touched food since we left kiseki (apart from a slice of watermelon for dinner). We actually spent a whole of 4 hours in Kiseki, which is crazy. I ate for half an hour (starting with dessert because tofu cheesecake), after which I was full beyond belief. Fang and I were the first ones to buckle, which was crazy because fang shovels so much food into his mouth in school HAHA. Really admire how the rest could eat for hours.
It was a good experience though, first time at a buffet with friends :-) lovely food (for the first part of it, after a while I got sick at the sight of food) and lovelier company :')
(on hindsight, i really didn't eat much - by buffet standards, anyway. Sigh, not cut out for buffets, I really am not.)
Walked around after the buffet, HMV & Popular before heading to H&M to help pick out some clothes for simon. We went straight for the men's section, HAHA.

ben and si in beanies - si's face in this cracks us up.

he says the tribal print shirt i picked out was nice yes i have good taste thank you very much.
this was our very successful attempt at an artistic shot "hold your clothes up i want to take an artistic photo" "my hand has to be in the corner for it to be artistic"

and then chilling at costa coffee when everyone else left, except for us *pw group solidarity*
It was hilarious - spent a good hour talking, mostly about relationships and growing up etc. always love talking to them, we are master procrastinators and this is what we do instead of work all the time.

good day gr8 people