Thursday, November 7, 2013

when oceans rise

wonderful week with wonderful company so far (well there's only friday left)- but the dates are getting to me, they're flying right in my face, a third of november's nearly gone and there are so many things to be done, so much more to come as well. I'm not complaining though, it's all very exciting.

viggy's birthday surprise at the vivo rooftop on wednesday, before heading off to sentosa

happy birthday viggy, thank you for all the great company, be it hanging out or studying :-) here's to many more years of friendship and long talks, hope you had an amazing birthday :-) 

the afternoon sea & sky - simon's shades was the filter. 

thanq for the day out guys :-) 

DIY stamping success YAY

lunch with liz & reenah (forgot to take a photo with the three of us)
yay for cafe hopping/sleepover/baking plans :-) missed you boobs 

sogurt craving satisfied 

Needa wake up at 5AM tomorrow because batch CIP's at BOON KENG aka the other side of singapore oh goodness. I'm not looking forward to the extremely long MRT ride first thing in the morning, sigh.
On the other hand,
ALL THE BEST TO THOSE WHO ARE TAKING As TOMORROW, or those who've already started today. have so so much faith in kathy & junheng tq for being two of my favourite j2s/people in general, all my love and i'll be praying for you guys :')