Thursday, November 21, 2013


it just hit me that it's already thursday and I have been procrastinating all week. HAHA sigh. At least I'm done with the camp shirt design, I have to come up with the points system + logs list for games 
I've been meaning to start practicing on my guitar again, but I've procrastinated on that too. 
And there are more photos I've yet to have uploaded from my phone. Procrastinated on that as well.

Main reason for my procrastination: 
I've been watching four to five episodes per day recently, which adds up to about three to four hours of watching pretty little liars. A day. 
Sigh but it's so goooood. 

for our last gm of the year: exco bought us shunfu muffins :'-) they were so good but they were HUGE and um fattening as far as all muffins go so I ate the top and gave ian the rest HAHA.

Megan megan megan megan :-))))

shared this cheesecake brownie with ali after lunch, while waiting for si to get his haircut before returning to school, and it was soooo goood. 

HH OGL bonding day :'-) blessed. 

not a very good photo, sigh, but I made breakfast! Matcha French Toast + Scrambled eggs.

gotta go get ready now, meeting jaz + ramz for lunch and then watching catching fire DO U FEEL MY EXCITEMENT I have been waiting for catching fire since last year sigh :'-)