Thursday, June 14, 2012

So hmmm what did I do today

Got up at about 9.15, thought today wouldn't be a good day (not a very good day indeed), so I flopped around in bed and finally dragged myself out at 10. Did absolutely nothing until lunch, did absolutely nothing after that HAHAHA.

Watched tv......... And then Jess whatsapped me to do work ("I see you!!!!!!!!") so I did E Math. Finished the second paper because I didn't want to do my E Math papers. And then I finished my notes on Alkanes & Alkenes


And then I watched TV after I was done with my work (finished everything at about 7, but did Alkenes whilst watching AGT because I can't not watch AGT haha ok I can but I really wanted to watch it). And then I kinda am here.
gotta try out a 'new diet' we came up with L O L draw faces on our food so one would feel guilty when one tries to eat it so as to deter us from eating food lollllll.

I'm all over the place today.