Sunday, June 10, 2012


HAY so I'm backkkkkk from church camp misss meeeee (LOL who am I kidding)

View from my hotel room's window :-) 
/Notice the five similar towers of decreasing height - that was the hotel we stayed in when we went for our P6 Malacca Trip in 2008, good times, good times.

Church camp was alright! :-) It was a good time, even though the messages were tailored to appeal to the average adult so I was a bit lost at times (Minwei just thinks I'm 'slow' in getting things HAHA). But I learnt quite a bit, I guess :-) These are not messages I commonly hear so yay! I think I ate a lot. But at the same time I was so full all the time, so I don't know. Hmmm. Watched a lot of Masterchef + ANTM 16 (WHEEEE my favourite cycle omgz) + an episode or two of Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewives HAHAHA, watched a lot of Starworld because there was Starworld *\O/*

AND YES I DID WORK. But NO I'm not a mugger like Matt thinks. Finished the VS Physics Paper ('Installment 1' of our physics homework), the BPGHS paper (BAWL it was kind of hard...... sigh), looked through the bio papers because I was too lazy to write down all the answers, they were too long....... Hmmm. GOOD PROGRESS.

All in all it was a good rest and a good escape from this country, sighsigh. ;) Even though we had to go all the way down to the lobby so as to attain access to wifi. Also, I do realise I'm the least bit picky about my food. Maybe that's why I'm so fat HAHA.

Straight after we got back, I went for this with the Matthews + RJ.


Had dinner with the 2 Matthews before RJ's dad drove us there to Emmanuel Assembly of God! (IN BEDOK HAHAHA the east oh goodness) BUT IT WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT

Worship was like whoaaaa could really sense God's presence, sang my heart out and it was an amazing time! The message was wow too, the pastor who spoke was really really dynamic and the things he told us about God was like whoaaaaaa too. That God is raising up a generation for Him in Singapore, unlike any before, that's like whoaaaa. (& I want to be a part of that generation, exciting stuff) AMAZING AMAZING NIGHT, and I'm soooo glad I went because it was so worth it. This life is for You. Felly gave Linx & I a ride home, THANKS FELLY!

One word to describe it: WOW.

Your love is so high, Your love is so wide, Your love is so deep, Your love is so long :') 

I have tuition soon.
Tomorrow will be a good good good day yayz