Sunday, June 3, 2012

where can you run to escape from yourself

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”
— Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

Ten Things To Do When You Feel Like Crap:
1. Have a really hot, long shower. Cry if you need to. Sit on the ground. Feel sorry for yourself. Let the steam soak into your skin. Let the hot water wash your face clean. But the moment you turn off that water, you are done feeling sorry for yourself. Make a decision to move on from that sadness.
2. Clean. I know, cleaning is boring and annoying - but how about that feeling you get when you are finished? The smell of the vacuum. That feeling of accomplishment? Who knows, you might even find money along the way. Totally worth it. It’s like starting with a clean slate.
3. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. If your first choice doesn’t pick up, choose someone else. Ask them all about how their lives are going and tell them about yours. Not only will it take your mind off whatever crappy thing you have been plagued by, but you will laugh with them! Laughing triggers endorphins and endorphins make you happy! 
4. Go for a run or a walk. This get’s your endorphins and dopamine going crazy. You will get more energy and more happiness just because the chemicals in your body are running around! 
5. Stop and take it all in. Walking in the night? Stop and look at the stars. Breathe in the cold air. Feel alive.

6. Stop whining. Ever heard the saying “love life and life will love you back”? Or, the idea of the power of attraction? It’s true! If you sit around saying “why me, waaaaa waaaa” then bad things will happen to you. You’re already defeated. If you start saying, “I will be happy, I will accomplish my ambitions, I will find love, I do look amazing, I am a great friend” etc., then not only will you start to believe them but you will be amazed at what amazing things start to happen. 
7. Drink tea. This always works. Not a tea fan? Try hot water with a slice of lemon and some agave syrup.

8. Make a conscious decision to stop holding certain grudges. We all have people we have held grudges on in the past. Let them go. If you feel like you owe this person an apology, don’t be too proud. Send them a sincere facebook apology. Sincerity is in the intent, so even if it’s a 2 sentence apology - as long as you mean it it’s worth it.

9. Cook some really nice, warm food. Stimulate your taste buds with anything as simple as two minute noodles or as lavish as a three course garlic bread, pasta bake, chocolate mousse triple combo.

10. Write down a list of goals to achieve for the week. As simple as “buy insect repellent” or as large as “jog for 25 minutes non stop” and tick them off when they’re done. You will feel very accomplished and that alone will help pep up your mood!
Remind me to try this one day

Os AHAHAHA life sux.

Ayn linked me to the 10 second trailer today!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH AOIHGOAITHJOWIHOIAH PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER
(do you remember)

Recently I have been reading (yes I finally have time to read hoooraaaayyy not that I am going to have a prolonged abundance of time or anything). I've just finished Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult and damn its sooooo goooood. She can write from viewpoints very very well, and its just ahhhh crazy ok i really love it.
I love Jodi Picoult.

Lalalala some photos (from the book and from the past week. Mostly taken with Instagram. Have I mentioned that I can't find my camera charger. I need to go buy a new one or something I NEED MY CAMERA CHARGER I have no clue how I lost it but its so tragic I swear): 

Half of my heart's got a grip on the situation half of my heart's got yoooou.

I love this you should try it. 

Stupid A Math. Stupid me forgot to bring back plain white foolscap from my parents' again so this means I have to do it on pink paper. Math is a waste of my pretty pink paper sigh.

Super cool shirt my cousin designed lubit. 

Legit Japanese Milk Tea my cousin bought during her transit at Japan hahaha it was guuuud. 

What happened since the last time I blogged (Friday, Saturday, today):
What did I do on Friday. Oh yes I did Math. So much A Math I wanted to die even though it was probably about 1.5 full papers (2 Paper 1s, 1 Paper 2) It was A Math overkill.
I read as well. Lone Wolf aaahhh love ok. 
And then I had Math tuition during which we started on integration and I hate integrating but I must get over my hate of integration because I need to do it for Os. Same goes for Plane Geom I think i'm going to cry I CANNOT SEE PLANE GEOM.

Cousin came over Saturday morning whee ok so she helped to put together my FDD outfit. Wheee, and then we went to IMM for lunch + shopping bought stuff have I proclaimed my love for GSS + Summer collections YES. (Bimbo moment forgive me)
Dad dropped me off at Haw Par Villa station so I could go meet Grace & bring her along for service whoooopeee SHARE MY SATURDAY JOY i love saturdays like crazy. Worship was goodiegoodgoodamazin + message on missions was good, sharing was really interesting :-) Love my church friends I swear they make me so so happy. 
Matt likes to read my tweets because he thinks they're amusing because I rant about life.
Jess & her kidnapping and macaroon-craving. Mmmhh suuuup love my hamster. 
Super glad Grace liked service :-) 
Had dinner with them, hilarious conversations over dinner, talked about weird names hehe. Everyone sort of rushed through dinner because they were going for capping, whilst Linx Chris & I were gg to go for Bel's play. 
Really really needed to pee (Linx & Chris reminded me time and time again otw to ACJC) and when we got to ACJC we were madly looking around for the toilet. MET RICHIE AND NAT hehehe it was so good seeing them! 
The musical was nice! :-) could tell they put in so much effort into it so yay! Chris & Richie kept trolling the musical HAHAHA (eg. "Look look power rangers/powerpuff girls"). + it was a liiiittle cheesy so Linx & Chris were getting goosebumps HAHAHA it was funny. 
got home really late, bathed and crashed and slept for 10 hours because i was so tired. 

wow 10 hours. 

Did more shopping today BAHAHAHA I love shopping I am out of controoool. Need more $$$ to buy clothes grrrr bimbo. 

I need to do more work tomorrow, sigh, even though I really don't want to. I want to go out for lunch/bux (HAHA anyone????) Gg back to school on Tuesday and then CHURCH CAMP CHURCH CAMP CHURCH CAMP from Wednesday to Saturday! (can't wait to get out of here. I don't know where here is but I want out of my current life HAHA. maybe being in a different country will help) 

(and you wonder why I have trust issues)