Saturday, June 16, 2012


First I will blog about today in pictures (ish)

Woke up, noticed my film camera sitting unused on my bedside table, picked it up and started taking extremely random photos.
I'm gonna start using it again because its so cute and I think the photos will turn out nice if I take them nicely HAHA but hard to say because I'm not exactly professional but. 

Had Chinese tuition after that aaaand it was alright la. 
But I deduced then and there that I cannot read Chinese obituaries. (there was like some MCQ compre on some obituary and I was just like uhmmmm huh?) But yes anyway. I haven't touched Chinese for forever after that Chinese overdose over the last two weeks of term 2. 

Lunch @ Coffee Bean was goooood. But I couldn't finish half my plate. My mother finished it for me. I think my stomach shrank. Even though I couldn't finish half my plate I still didn't eat dinner because I was too toooooo fuuuuulll. 

Took 176 down to church :)))))))))))))))))
I love church like seriously. I felt so so so genuinely happy LIKE happy to the max this week (with the exception of Monday) like I was happy but I wasn't THIS happy. Guess that's what happens when you're in the presence of an AMAZING God and wonderful church friends :)))))))

Bels got these things for me from London :))) THANKS BELLAAAAA. The book's about Joseph(/Josef LOL) Goebbels AKA Hitler's head of Propaganda's daughter. Like it was written in her perspective. Its good, from the first bit I read but I don't think I can read it at night and not get nightmares because I'm a fricking scaredy cat HAHA. 
The badge was really cute and so was the Shakespeare verse and the eraser heehee even though now I think Bella and Elijah both think I'm a major bimboooooooo. (yup)

WORD WITH FRIENDS SHOWDOWNNNN was really intense like we played a few rounds so it was Dog and Bone first and the boys were like bam all over each other and stuff so it was kindaaaa scary HAHHAHA. And then we had the quiz thing which was really cute and less intense HAHAHA. And thennnn the individual persons' quiz whilst they played Call Me Maybe in the background HAHAHA. It was super super super fun :))) yayyyyy :) And a good way to encourage us to keep God's Word in our hearts :) FUN TIMES + the CG won 3rd yaayyyyyy :)))) 

Ok so this photo's a littttle blur but yup Jess & I used the same colour nail polish! Coincidentally! HAHAHA HOW COOL IS THAT great hamsters think alike ^_^
(er random stickers Elijah placed on our em hands ok.) 

had apple juice for dindinz because I wasn't hungry. I'm starting to feel a little hungry now but oh well I'll just have to wait for breakfast tomorrow then! 
Sat in the car for an hour because father drove to the carwash + mother had to pick things up from her friend's place. Also, brother came back from Scouts camp quite funny and gross la the stories he told me LOL.

Also, the Polaroid film I ordered with Jess came so yayyyyy :))))) 
Finished my History homework, BYE BYE MARIA HERTOGH SBQ YAY so I'm here now and that was Saturday for you and I think I'm going to do an end of semester post and somehow do something for Father's day I AM A FAIL.