Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Packing for church camp

Lunch. Oh man.

Today was interesting,
Well not really.

Went back to school in the morning with Grace, at about 9.30? Sat down for a good two hours to (attempt) to do my Nan Chiau paper 2, and that didn't totally work out. I nearly flipped the table because the questions were so impossible. Gave up after question 9, but it was a good attempt. I guess.

AND SO I got down to exercising after giving up on Nan Chiau's paper. Went running on the school tracks (with Grace) and I am pretty proud of myself. For someone who hasn't exercised for about two months, I could run 6 rounds straight teehee, that's 1.75 rounds short of 2.4k ^___^ So was pretty glad there. After cooling off, Grace & I walked to KAP to buy lunch *as seen above*

It was heavenly. I could eat soba forever and not get sick of it (probably) 
I was so sad when I finished my soba, sigh sigh. LIFE OF A FATTY, yes, I must say. 

On the way back from the PE office, after unsuccessfully looking around for my CCA report, we met Mr Ling! Who offered to get my CCA record printed! YES now it's nice and fine and dandy, 25 points in the baaagggg, pretty glad since I'm thinking of DSA-ing to ACSI.
I'm already filling up the application form. I think I will DSA even though it may seem that I will never get to go in since I'm DSA-ing through 'leadership and academics' 

(LOL I don't even want myself will they want me????)  

Went back to our usual spot outside the staff room (I love the spot outside the staff room. Today there was practically nobody in school so we didn't have anyone to talk to, hmmm D:) and then I finished the BPGHS Paper 1, WHEEPEEEEEE it was kind of hard, but I managed to get all the questions so I was really pleased with myself :-) And then I went home. And watched Ellen & AGT. 

I forgot to watch masterchef.

I'm going to my cousin's place now to stay over, and tomorrow, ITS CHURCH CAMPPPPP! :-) I'm really excited because, well, its church camp and I'll get to go out of the country, holaaaa. And then..... Yes. I brought along work to do. Probably won't post anymore so

I am in a weird mood today