Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The Vow lalalala 

"The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost."
-G.K Chersterton 
Which Linx & I (sort of) concluded is true.


:-) Jess posted this on my wall. V v true though mmmh.


I need to take more (good) photos on Instagram. HOW ELSE AM I GOING TO REMEMBER THINGS (apart from this, maybe). I'm going to do this starting tomorrow. Heehee.

What I am doing tomorrow:
Going to school early in the morning (8, probably. I don't want to get stuck in the peak hour traffic thing with all the workyworking people though. Let's hope there aren't super a lot of people tomorrow morning, hmm)
Idk if I'm running because after doing work
I'm going over to Liz's! (CASA HAHA I just have to like walk halfway down the hill....) so she can feed me lunch + we can watch a 'random movie at her house' LOL.
And thennnnn come home (preferably in time to bathe and then watch AGT because I love AGT) and decide what to do after that.

What I did today:
I woke up at about 9.40AM (WAH PIG K I slept slightly before 12 the night before heehee. I'm going to miss sleeping this long once school reopens. In fact, my sleeping time would approximately be halved)
And then I brushed my teeth and washed my face and put on my shoes and went out for a run (HAHA I slept in a Jackson tee + black shorts so I could simply saunter out of the house) Ran from my ahma's house, past my house, the entire length of the hillview estate & back. Stopped running after I got to the traffic light after the Petals, walked the route that went past the market back home. :-)
remind me next time to eat something before I go running because I felt so queasy after I stopped running and I had to sit down on the pavement (HAHAHA) before getting up to walk again but yes that was my running adventure. About 4+km so I feel pretty good.

Came home and vegetated in front of the TV for a bit before dragging myself to bathe. And then I went to vegetate in front of the TV some more before Matt and Jess both told me to "GO STUDY" via twitter. how I love my church friends HAHAHA.
I KINDA DID A LOT TODAY so I was really happy HAHA. Got on the history mail to get the impact of colonial rule template, and filled it all up so I'm all set in terms of notes for impact now! Looked through the SEQ questions I'm supposed to do with Elizebra and did it yayyy I know how to do it so that's done!
And then I went and finished Cat High's A Math Paper 1 which was like WHOA  I COULD EVEN DO PLANE GEOM PARTY PARTY.
And thennnn, looked through my Chrysalids before dying HAHAHA I really cannot bring myself to study for my combined when it is not a day or two before the actual exam this will be my downfall.
Also because Jess was getting so pumped about word with friends when we were tweeting each other the competitive spirit in my arose (LOLOL) and I got down to memorizing verses! I'm done with 1 John 4:10, Matthew 6:33, 2 Timothy 3:16 and Matthew 18:20 and seriously the references are the hardest bit to memorize k. I WILL REMEMBER EVERYTHING BY SATURDAY I mean what is this compared to bio + its tons more important (in a sense HAHA)

AGT + Minute to win it + Junior Masterchef Australia (!!!!!) I LOVE TUESDAY NIGHT TV SHOWS I LOVE WAH WAH WAH ok so now I'm here and I will go to slepe soon because I don't even know why I'm getting so tired with so much sleep.
I'm gg to wake up at 7.30 tomorrow HMMM WHAT SHALL I STUDY TOMORROWWWWW. I'm not gonna do anymore math. Maybe lit. Or Chem because I left my Chem textbook in school OK LIT AND CHEM.

My ambitions keep changing. Right now I wanna do psychology but I don't think I'm emotionally stable enough as of right now to do psychology because I wanna do like depression and mental stuff and all i think its quite interesting i don't know if that can be considered psychology but hhhhhmmmmmmm.

HAHAHA ok goodnight I'm going to pack my stuff for tomorrow :3