Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“Because you never think the last time is the last time, you think there’ll be more. You think you have forever but you don’t.”

(Title's from Grey's Anatomy, according to Tumblr!)

Todaaaaay, hmmm, was quite eventful :-) Hobbled around the entire day though because of a really gross + bad blister on my big toe, sigh. :( It huuuurts.

Got to school at about 8.30 in the morning, after making myself wake up really early so I could go to school early! Walked into school and found Erica sitting in the trellis! So she was waiting for their SF training/LTC games trial to start, and she was half an hour early HAHA so that was quite funny. Sat down and talked to her for the next half an hour or so, about EE, Sec 3 & 4, Chinese Os and LTC :-) So glad for LTC '11 and the wonderful wonderful juniors I made. As I've said, I'm so glad I got to SF the Carnelians because they are a truly wonderful bunch <3

Went up to camp outside the staffroom, said hi to Ms Ho, Ms Lau & Mrs Lau who walked in to the staffroom hehe. Grace came, did a bit of work before Mrs Lau comes out of the conference room and gets us to do her a favour - staple consent forms hehe. Our first 'break'. Sat and stapled, Mrs Lau gave us a bunch of pink staples in case we ran out, but I never did. Well, I took a row of pink staples anyway HAHA and handed the stapled forms back to Mrs Lau :)

Headed down to the canteen to get some random stuff to eat with Grace, and then went up again! Attempted some Chem! Was really glad for the help though, whilst Mrs Lau was walking in and out of the conference room/staff room, she taught me Alkanes & Alkenes. So first, I drew a table with the names & the formulae & the structures, and then I kind of slacked for a bit, hahaha, and when she came out again she stopped and she taught me the rest of alkanes & alkenes and I finalllyyyyy understand :-) Hahaha Mrs Lau's a wonderful teacher la, I can learn super a lot from her in like 10 minutes (:

Nicc came up soon after, and we sort of slacked for the next half an hour......... Took a walk down to the printing room when Mrs Lau asked for a favour, to bring her ABS supp worksheet down to the printing room, hmm. And then we kind of talked? Hahaha quite fun to talk to them ^^.

Went to Liz's house (CASA LOL) for lunch! Quite fun talking to Liz because we went kind of super highhhhh HAAHA. Like who knew, that you could type in Chinese nouns on the iPhone and they'd churn up the emoji for you! So we spammed Aang with EXTREMELY queer texts, played some cute games on Liz's phone, and talked and talked hehe, we did everything but watch confessions of a shoppaholic, which was playing on Liz's antennae TV in her room LOL. It was an enjoyable 2 hours, love Liz :) Glad we're index number partners, we're both quite... Weird HAHA. Yes.

Liz has the complete GG Season 1, ie the only season I watched HAHAHA but it was gooood.

Liz's Stitch collection (there's a lot more where this came from)

Went back to school and looked for Nicc & Grace! Decided it was too hot outside the staffroom, so we picked up the guts to go ask Mrs Lau whether we could crash in the computer lab where the admin comm was doing stuff. Hahaha it was quite conducive though, because Mrs Lau & Ms Su did a good job of shutting us up to do work, heh. Finished my Alkanes notes + half of my alkenes notes! And it was a such a nice temperature, heehee.

Sat at the bamboo courtyard watching the Sec 3s do their games trial, plus I think Nicc and Grace tried to do some work. I was already like ngeehhh about work. So we ended up watching PLL season 3 and gosh its creepy I REALLY NEED TO CATCH UP but sigh I no time, at all. Sigh. Okay but it was kind of fun freaking out over PLL and watching the Sec 3s.

I miss being Sec 3 la, I really do. Like. Aiyah OK ANYWAY.

Helped the Sec 3s carry their stuff to the conference room, got to talk a bit to Nikashchiaaaaa. ^^ Kind of bombed their debrief. Actually, we just kinda sat at the side of the conference room, and whilst Ms Su was giving her debrief, we just moved up front to talk to Mrs Lau hahaha (:

How far we moved up........ based on distance from Mrs Lau LOL she took these two photos:

from this farrrrr
thanx for making my legs look nice heh heh heheheh.

to this close HAHA
I am doing the Nik face because I love Nik LOL.

Fun times. Went to the concourse to wait for my father. Watched PLL with Grace in the meantime. I love PLL yes yes I do. 
Ok that was a preeeetttyyy eventful day :)
We are all pink smurfs with Mrs Lau now. Shhhhh. Pink pink pink smurfs lalala. Hahahah luv this bunch, made my day <3

Tomorrow I will complete as much work as humanly possible and then I'm just not gonna do any work on Friday. I haven't decided what I'm going to do on Friday, but I will find something more exciting than doing work.
Seriously, who wants to spend their last day of the June hols. Not me, that's for sure. Which is why I will find something to do.