Monday, June 18, 2012

all the roads we have to walk are winding / all the lights that lead us there are blinding

I will start by saying that LTC WAS SO FUN TODAY :))))))) 
Even though I'm not an SF, not am I in PC (HAHA just learnt that they called the planning comm "PC" today whilst talking to Graces, its quite DUH, but still HAHA), nor am I participating (heh) it was still so much fun to sit in and sort of watch and offer help when they needed :)))) Tomorrow night's going to be fun-er I think! Can't wait!!!! GOOD JOB SEC 3s ♡

Okay anyway, got to school rather early this morning, about 6.50? Sat in the trellis and attempted to do some SS. Didn't work la. Char came and we talked for a bit, and then Jui and Louiza (heehee I missed Loueeyyyy) came and I was clearly the only one who was staring in to space and making no attempt whatsoever to do any more SS. I wanted to do healthcare. Like read a bit, but I stopped after Singapore (which I will later regret). 
And then Jui started telling us horror movie plots WHICH IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE THING TO LISTEN TO I never have the guts to actually watch the movies, so I guess that would be the next best thing (sort of) 

Got back to class, moved to the Audi for our briefing....... HAHA we had to do our time trial first, and I just went in and wrote and wrote and halfway through the paper a bug got zapped in the blue lighty thing they hung on the window of our classroom, and it was astoundingly loud....... HAHA. Anyway, it was the SJI paper. It was alright :) 

Tea break after that? HAHA they gave us really small cute sets of like a slice of cake and a small chocolate muffin and a spring roll? Plus Megs made jelly hearts so we ate that too :) Nomnomnom I'm going to grow fat hahahaaa. Went to check our venues for the marking workshop, and headed there. 

LT2 :) Sat with Megs Jiayi & Keren yaayyyy I missed Keren too :))) caught up with her a little before the workshop thing started, haha! It was kind of interesting, the workshop..... Hahaha Mr Goh is rather amusing, and he said some things that made us think la so that was good :) the marking workshop wasn't thaaat bad after all! And I didn't do that badly when I marked my paper, I could still remember things about healthcare even though I haven't touched it since last year! WOW HAHA God is good la seriously. 
(During the workshop, Keren made me a ring out of a rubber band, and folded an origami elephant for me which is soooo cute, I kept it in my wallet!) 
Lunch! Mrs Lau walked over and went "Oooh free food!!! SS camp?" HAHA. Quite fun too, lunch :) Megs and Jiayi are so cute HAHA. 

Had our healthcare lesson with Mrs Chen in 3G's classroom! It was alright, surprisingly! I didn't zone out like I expected to.... HAHA. Went through essay questions and how to tackle them, and Mrs Chen explained a little bit more about the welfare state and all that, so I thought it was quite beneficial! SS camp on a whole wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, even though I really don't like SS.... HAHA but yes :) I learnt stuff :)))) which is good, praise God :) 

Went for LTC after that :)))) We went a little before they had tea, so we koped extra food from them, heehee. And then we sort of hung around in the bamboo courtyard :) Was kinda fun, watched them stand out in the courts doing physical training and we're like yesssss physical trainingggg HAHAHAHA. Talked a lot with Nat Sal & Grace :) Like about Nat's painting lessons and LTC and SLship and stuff like that, it was fuuuun! And then Ms Ng came over and got us to take care of her stuff and she let us play with her iPad so I ended up playing Solitaire HAHA. 

When the Sec 2s were playing station games, Nik came over and we started taking photos on Instagram (THE NIK FACE) and tearing up scarp paper and scrunching them up into tiny balls for her game tomorrow! It was really fun la just talking and stuff. Favourite junior hehe ♡ Walked with her to put cardboard boxes at the stairwell of the staffroom staricase HAHA, and walked back before she had to go prep for dinner because she's in log. :) Super good time, plus it was really windy in the bamboo so it wasn't hot at all which just upped the enjoyability HAHA. 

Ms Lau comes over and talks to us for a while, something about marvelling at good bio questions for 10 seconds and thinking to ourselves that our bio teachers are such geniuses HAHA it was quite cute. And then we went for dinner because Ms Ng said we could hang around as there would be extra food for sure, + Mrs Lau called grace and asked if we needed dinner HAHA. Ate with grace & sal, shared a pack of food with Grace and we still couldn't finish eating it, oh well. 

After that, hung around school waiting for my dad! Went up to look at their project planning :)))) IT WAS SO FUN, joined the ND group because I LOVE ND WOW WOW WOW I LOVE ND HAHAHAHA so so so much pride and joy and love associated to it ♡ Sat in their group and tried to give constructive comments and suggestions! Had fun talking to Abigail, Peixuan & Graces too! They're soooo cute HAHAHA and it was really good fun talking to them la :)))) I guess now they know how we felt last year with them HAHA. It was fun observing too :) Went home after that, really can't wait for LTC tomorrow because tomorrow's the exciting night + MASS DANCE (every Sec 4 SL's favourite thing to do) 

fun day + ahahahaha so freaking hypocritical I might laugh and die seriously. 
also seriously. its so freaking hard to figure out - 
WHATEVER i'm going to bed now and not letting these things ruin my perfect day, BYE i'm gg to school tomorrow to finish up my history SEQ homework.