Saturday, December 15, 2012

one devotion

Back from camp! :-) / :-( (happy face because camp was amazing, sad face because it's overrr)

The four days at camp sped by, camps are somewhat like little escapes because you're just at the campsite with your fellow campers for a few days doing many things..... I don't know how to explain it! But I must blog about camp! To be honest, I went into camp with pretty high expectations. This year has been crazy, and tiring and everything and so I was like, okay, God, I really really want to get refreshed during camp, really experience You and learn more about You because I'm super super tired with everything at hand. So actually I've been looking forward to camp for a while, looking for those four solid days of worship and fellowship with God, and with the churchies, and fun.

"One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek - that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life; to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple" 
Psalms 27:4 

Got to church pretty early on the first day! Because it was really early there were only like a handful of campers around, and all the tls and the planning comm! Hung around, found out who else was in my group and slowly everyone started coming into the level 2 hall. When there was a significant number of people from our group that had arrived, we started with self-intros, as per every camp, or like whenever you get put into a random team in whatever event, mm. Hahaha my group had like four girls and about seven guys or something, and when grace left after the second day, it was down to Jaslyn, Hannah & I! 
Played games to ~break the ice~! Never again am I sitting next to Yong Quan if ever we play the MRT game because he smacks SO HARD and he thinks Josh and I (he was sitting between Josh & I) don't smack him hard enough! OUCH HAHA.

Surprisingly, our first group task, after Jon (our camp commandant) declared camp open and went through all the camp rules and stuff like that, wasn't to come up with a cheer. Prior to everyone coming, Jaslyn had already taken the liberty to come up with a cheer anyway HAHAHAH. It goes, 

Our first task, however, was to make a totem out of newspapers and masking tape! So we basically scrunched up newspaper balls and wrapped them in sheets of newspapers to form a 3D newspaper whale. IT ACTUALLY LOOKS REALLY GOOD. I think Jaslyn may still have it with her. She was carrying it with her after we broke camp, so. HAHA. YAY. Once we were done with our totem, we got to leave for our amazing race! Two years ago, we had an amazing race along the purple line, from Harbourfront down to Kovan station. This year, our amazing race began at Buona Vista. They basically issued each group a stack of papers with clues on them to help us locate each station. Our task was basically to take photos of particular objects found at each location. We figured soon enough that our amazing race this year was along the circle line! 
1. We took a bus to Haw Par Villa and took a train down to Buona Vista station, sped-walked/ran to Star Vista and took a photo with this huge Christmas tree at Star Vista. 
2. Holland Village (the fifth day of holiday land?!?! We figured along the way that it was Holland V, V as in 5 in roman numerals), where we so awkwardly took photos outside frolick and island creamery (Jaslyn's schoolmate was working at Island creamery hahah!) 
3. Farrer Road, where we took a photo on this red horse (it wasn't a red horse. It didn't look like a horse hahahaha its those play thingies that kiddies sit on at playgrounds).
4. Botanics, the really really confusing one because we weren't sure what we were supposed to look for, or if what we thought we should be looking for existed???? So we walked in for a bit, and decided that it wasn't worth it to look around because Botanics is HUGE. We instead took a video of 1. Josh running 2. Us going all, "NEAAAR FAAAR WHEREVER YOU AAAREEEEEE" and a photo of us outside the Botanics. Done deal. 
5. Marymount - Jaslyn's area HAHAHA. Well, it was pretty random, but so's Kathleen who came up with the amazing race. 
6. Bishan! Jaslyn's area once again, we got to what we needed to find pretty quickly! There were so many people at Bishan station though omg. Jaslyn said she would see at least one of her schoolmates, and true enough, she did. 
7. Lorong Chuan, super ulu btw. I've never actually been to Lorong Chuan, I don't even know where it is, tbh. We had to take a photo with "Bob the flying-fisherman" HAHAHA. Kathleen randomly gave this fisherman in the mural at Lorong Chuan station the name Bob. 
8. Serangoon station, where we had to change to the purple line (I know the MRTs in Singapore by the colour of their lines. I don't remember what the name of the MRT lines are called. North East, South West idk really HAHAHA). We had to take a photo of a marriage proposal so we did it real quick, in 2 minutes, while we were waiting for the next train! 
9. KOVAN SWEET KOVAN, walked to the campsite! WHOOSH! 

And that was our amazing race! We were pretty glad that we got to the campsite. Grabbed our bags (Linx arranged our bags by colour omg seriously it was pretty cool though, colour coded belongings) and headed to our bunks! Two years ago, I slept in the centremost bed, which is said to be in the coffin position donno what facing the door and some Chinese beliefs and stuff, but this year I didn't yaaaay slept in the bottom bunk, below Jaslyn! WE WERE GLAD TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A SHOWER, PHEW! Showered, got settled, waited for dinner to be served at 6pm! While I was bathing, I made grace put on my bedsheets and all for me HAHAHAHAH since she wasn't showering or anything, she was going home after service. Thank you friend, I knew you would do it for me (': AHAHAHA. 

The meals we got at camp were pretty good! Dinner was good, and then I had to go and change into jeans because I was on ppt duty! Meh I hate wearing jeans, but ITS ALL GOOD because I'm serving God + it was really cold in the worship hall anyway. 
Ah I messed up ppt pretty badly though ): HAHA its always a little stressful to do ppt. The first message was simple, straight to the point, and an introductory one, to open us up into the series of messages that Pastor Jason Chua was gonna share with us throughout the course of camp. Basically, it was about putting God in the centre, of self sufficiency VS God's provision, and the fact that God, in my life at least, has become more of an option than a solution to my problems, which is really true la. Most of the time I just try to take things into my own hands but I don't remember the simple truth that I can't handle everything by myself, no way. God's strength, however, God's provision will pull me through. Some time ago, I think we were talking about something similar in service, how we look to God when we have run out of our own solutions, that God is our last resort instead of our first, even though He can solve our problems better than anything else in the world can. 
It's a matter of priority.

Team time & Supper! Usually on the first day everyone's an awkward turtle, but its all good, so sharing was a bit quiet! Heh. I'm no good at talking, I think, I'm better at typing/writing, stuff like that. We had mudpie for supper, like seriously. We had to mix crushed digestives and melted butter to make the base, slap on some oreos and Mars bars, leave it to cool in the freezer for fifteen minutes and scoop lots of ice cream on it. It was like whoaaaaa. It tasted amazing at first, but because it was so sweet, after a while it became a bit gross....... Must've gained like 10kg eating so much junk at like 10PM at night HAHAHAHA. 
Went to wash up with Kristel after supper! Whoa, what a day! When we finally got everyone back into the dorm, and everyone was done washing up, arranging their things and their areas, writing whatever we needed to write, reading whatever we needed to read, it was already past midnight! Took me quite a while to fall asleep, usually I fall asleep really easily at just about anywhere. But had a good night's rest anyway, PTL! :-)

check out our mudpie. 

Morning of the second day! Stumbled out of bed, but I wasn't really tired or anything. Everyone agreed that my alarm's really annoying. Yep, chose the most annoying alarm tone. It startles me everytime I hear it. Anyway, washed up! Got ready for 5BX, led by our own army boys so it was pretty army-esque. WATER PARADE HAHA omg. "Lim zui ho! Lim zui ho! Lim zui lim zui zin jia ho! Lim zui lim zui pa buay do!" omg i can't believe I typed Hokkien hanyupinyin?!?!?! Which doesn't exactly exist?!?! Mmmm. Water parades. Streeeeeetching, like the stuff we do after our two warm up rounds every PE lessons! And there was a small crab walk thingy before we headed back to the canteen for a hearty breakfast of milo and two pieces of bread slathered with peanut butter and nutella. Omznomz. 
They give us two whole stacks of bread every morning, we see it and we're like whoaaaa that's lots of bread. 

QT in our dorm with Hannah & Jaslyn! The things the world offers are often only substitutes of the real thing. Wake up call 101, edlyn please get your priorities straight. He knew that only in God's presence is there fullness of joy. Stop being so obsessed about things that are not eternal right, and fix your eyes on God, who is worth so much more than everything we have right now. Super a lot of wake up calls in camp la. 
Take a step back, refocus. 
Grace came halfway through QT! Yay (: We decided that we would start leaving earlier for service because we want to sit in front heehee. We have a better view in the front, and Hannah can't see the slides or anything if we sit too far back because she's so small and cute HAHAHA. Gathered our stuff, and left our bunk for the worship hall! 
Again, that we realise that we try to fill up the gaps in our heart, the gaps that only God's love can fill with temporal things of the earth, to try to like complete ourselves but it never really works out for us. Its really true, and I'm just like aaaaah. When you come to the end of yourself, you come to the beginning of God. 
Our image of God determines the way we respond to Him; and the way we respond to other people. Because we shouldn't let what we think God is wreck our perception of what He really is. God's love will never ever fail us, like how human love will sometimes, if not most of the time, disappoint us. And from then on, we can go forth and pour out love to other people, as how He loved us. Which is something I really need to work on from here on out. 
Lunch was omznomz, but even then I was kinda hungover about the message. Hammy was talking about how she wanted steak. I wouldn't understand the wanting to eat steak HAHA.

squeezing all our faces into one shot

love you guys xxxx

GAMES TIME! Okay I'm really proud of Team Jonah because we owned the games HAHAHA like we were seriously pretty good okay. The first game we played involved throwing frisbees. I never imagined myself catching frisbees, but it didn't go badly at all! We basically played two rounds, one round as the attacking team and the other as the defending team. Each team tries to knock out all the players of the other team. If you're the attacking team, you have to throw the frisbee around and tap members of the other team with the frisbee to knock them out. If you're the defending team, you have to try to intercept the frisbee that the attacking team is tossing around. If you manage to whack their frisbee to the ground mid air, you eliminate the opposing team member that threw the frisbee. We won both rounds as the attacking and defending team HEEHEE. YAY. 

Then it began raining, so we went to seek shelter at the canteen. THANK GOD, because the rain died down after a while! While it was raining, however, they had sort of a mini memory verse challenge and we were all :O taken aback because we couldn't remember much. Okay, another goal, that is to make it a point to hide God's word in my heart. Yes. Anyway, after that we decided ok, its all good to play even though the field was muddy and the basketball courts were wet. 
Unfortunately, our next station was crab soccer. We had to be down on all fours like crabs and play soccer like that. The grass was wet, the ground was wet, and there were random muddy puddles all over the field so we got REALLY DIRTY. Tze Jun said we absorbed all the disgusting muddy water because we were the first group HAHAHA. We tied this game, 1-1! JOSH THE STAR PLAYER HAHAHAHA. MASSIVE MUD BATH OMG HAHAHA. 
Went up to Yong Quan's station at the carpark, where we had to pick up paperbags on the floor with assigned parts of the body. So we had to use our teeth, our shins, our noses, our index fingers!?! HAHAHA it was really fun though, and there were two rounds where we had to move as one unit, one group, with like 10 feet and 10 hands on the ground in total or something, and approach the paper bags. interesting stuff HAHAHA.
Next, at Kathleen's station, we had to line up in pairs and transfer pingpong balls from one pair to another, and finally to Zach who was holding the bucket at the end of the line, using a towel. So it was like a pair holding a towel with the ping pong ball(s) on the towel, swinging the towel to transfer the ping pong ball(s) to the next pair standing a distance away until we got to Zach's bucket. WHOO it was exciting HAHAHA, required a bit of hand flicking and force-controlling skill. 
It was followed by a spin off of Pepsi cola. We played pepsi cola, but our goal was not simply just to tap the opponent teams, but it was to pull out a length of cloth that we stuffed in our shorts la HAHAHA. It was quite fun! (: 
Finally, we played CHARADES! OMG HAHAHA. I love guessing for charades. Especially for movies. Matt & Matt had some really weird movies on their list. Basically, the team to guess the movie first wins the point. And we were super neck to neck with the other team, we ended up with a tie because even for the tie-breaker, we both shouted out the answer at the same time HAHAHA. 

Because of our wet, muddy and sweaty state, we simply couldn't wait to bathe. And since the bunch of us, my group and two other groups finished our stations earlier, we were released about five minutes earlier than the rest of the campers to go hit the showers so the toilets won't be that clogged up with human traffic. To quote Jaslyn "I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GLAD TO BATHE" HAHAHA oh dear, we ran back up to our dorm, grabbed our toiletries and clothes and ran to the showers. IMMENSE JOY. 
Returned to our dorm clean, fresh and nice smelling (: Krissy came over before dinner, and we camwhored excessively, what has become a camp tradition, for us to spam photos of ourselves, and get down to writing some encouragement cards! (: My loopey bimbo. Hahahah!

Dinner dinner! We began doing lots of lateral thinking questions. It slowly became our favorite team past-time. Lateral thinking questions are like haphazard scenarios that Jaslyn gives us, and we have to fill the gaps of the story. For example, "A man goes past a window and hears a telephone ring. He feels very sad. And then he dies" HAHAHA. Most of the stories are really creepy. Mostly because we like the creepy ones involving murder and whatnot over the mellow-er ones.
We are smart people, hence the first questions we always ask are
1. "Did anyone die"
2. "Was there a second party involved"
3 "Was there a third party involved"

Anyway, went up for service early as usual! (: Hammy wanted to harvest my brains and eat them or something HAHAHA.
God's opinions forever >>>>> Human opinion. This message was mostly about being a Mary, serving the Lord, loving being in the presence of God and sacrificing whatever we have, devoting all we have to Him.  What I said during team time, was that what kept jumping out at my face was sacrifice. Nothing worth it ever comes easy, does it, and going after God comes with a lot a lot of sacrifice. But if He could do it for us, if He could do it for all of us, what more can we do for Him but to give everything we have? Besides, it's going to be so worth it, more worth it than any temporal thing this world has to offer.
You were created for love: to love and be loved by Him. And it's really whoa, because we were created for LOVE. Hahahaha, I find it whoa.

Supper was hilarious, I didn't eat supper because its was 10.30PM and supper was prata. So I decided not to kill myself and have something super fattening :P It was funny watching the rest of them eat though! Jaslyn and Josh were hilarious, Josh was going all "it's okay if you eat prata for lunch, and you eat it with curry. But if you eat prata for breakfast or supper, you gotta eat it with sugar. I've always seen prata as a crispy biscuit" HAHAHAHA Jaslyn & I laughed so hard HAHA.
Proceeded with NIGHT GAMES!!!! Went around looking for items and ice cream sticks with our faces on them??!?! While filling up a box with random stuff that we find in hazard tape/stuff that's given to us by the games comm people who were walking around. It was kind of creepy, but it was really funny at the same time because Kath was the one that chose all the photos and did up the individual ice cream sticks, and she chose the most hilariously unglam photos of everyone HAHAHA. And then we tried playing the game at Jon's station, which was basically to keep as many of the fifteen balloons given to us airborne as possible in one minute. Quite smart la, we stood in a circle and hit the balloons against ourselves so they wouldn't get blown away in the wind ;-)
Oh also we ran away from Matt. Who was sporting the nerd look or something la HAHAHA.
WHOOSH so tiring! After we gave our boxes back to Yong Quan, we headed back to our dorms for BED. Some of us had trouble falling asleep on the first night, but I think we didn't have much of a problem anymore on the second night because we were just so tired!

My alarm is so annoying. Got up and did the usual morning stuff - brushing our teeth, washing our faces, getting ready for the new day! I felt groggier than I did after the first night, but no matter! Day 3 was a good day! 5BX at the basketball courts at 7.30! Water-paraded and we played Matt's favourite 5BX game or something since he was in charge today - Pui. HAHAHA. Kathy's so noisy it was super easy to sense her presence HAHAHA Jaslyn and I were like "I HEARD KATHLEEN" so yay didn't have to go around being a blind person for very long (: 5BX was simple this morning, and after a round of pui, we went to have breakfast!
There were sausages for breakfast!!!! So I had sausage bread omznomznomz. Before going back to our dorms to get our QT stuff, we did some lateral thinking questions, as we always do. #favouriteteamactivity indeed! We didn't split up for QT that morning, we did it together as a group! Since we only have 3 girls and like 7 guys.
We need to seek God, because it is only through fellowship with Him that we will have our need for rest and spiritual fulfillment met. Really need to stop taking my time with God for granted, doing my usual daily QT half asleep, and spending too much time doing other things that may not matter as much as seeking God. See, wake up call again. SO MANY WAKE UP CALLS. I realised that Psalm 27 is a really cool psalm after reading that morning (: 

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:13-14

Time for our fourth message! The parable of the ten virgins, and Pastor Jason explained a lot of terms that are used throughout the whole bible, which was pretty enlightening (: Now I don't have to read the bible and go all, huh, what's that supposed to mean because I know now!! hahahahha okay. This message was about awakening our love for God - to really grow a personal and intimate relationship with Him, because when all else fails, when one can lose his wealth, his riches, his belongings that are of this world, he will never lose his relationship with God, and it helped me realise why its so important.
Nobody can take away your intimacy with God.
Also, we learnt how it's important that we be keep our lamps burning, to guide others to God and to sustain our fire and passion for God. Which is true. Aaaah okay MORE OF GOD LESS OF ME because I suck but God makes up for my suckiness, in fact, He more than makes up for it. And I really need to stop losing it so easily so I can be a real testimony for Him.
Nobody said it was eaaasy. But it's all good, because it's all worth it (:

We had a super extended lunch + break time after service, because unfortunately, it started raining and we really couldn't get down to playing our games for the day ): I felt a bit upset because I think it would've been really fun! and i felt bad for the games comm people who've put in so much effort into planning all the games and organizing everything and in the end it didn't stop raining for hours ):
Okay this is what happens when my friends are on food serving duty:
Hammy, yesterday: "You eat like a hamster." but she gave me more rice anyway ):
Linx: give her more rice rice is her favourite thing on earth
Huilin: *tells everyone on the serving line* she eats like A MAN.
But anyway, during and after lunch, we did more lateral thinking questions. Like seriously, every meal time this is what team jonah does HAHA. We did the extremely creepy ones, the one about the seagull sandwich and the knocking on the car door, and I can't remember when we did the munching one, but I'm quite sure it wasn't at night, and I'm super glad that it wasn't at night. The stuff's really creepy because everyone is so warped HAHAHA.
Because of the numerous lateral thinking questions and army stories we have heard, team jonah is afraid of the following:
1. Going to the toilet alone.
2. The bottom bunk of bunk beds
3. Trees
4. Grass patches

After spending some time with the group, and with Jaslyn and Hannah, I went to talk to Kathleen. She was telling me about the end days and stuff like that and I guess I got pretty creeped out (quite normal la I'm a super scaredy cat). Went to her dorm, where Hammy, Joanne, Dorothy, Rachel and Felly were talking about this morning's message and cults and a little more on the end days. Whoa. But I was reminded to be courageous because God's always with us, and so there's really nothing to fear (: Didn't really say much, was just listening to everyone talking about it and Hammy was like: "she sits there and she absorbs everything, and then goes to blog and tweet about it" not bad hammy, you know me pretty well because I am blogging about it rn.
Everyone slowly fell asleep, so I just sat on Kathleen's bed writing encouragement cards to my whole group while everyone was taking a nap. Games were cancelled for the afternoon because it was raining, hence perfect weather to sleep HAHAHA really. Anyway, glad that those who needed the rest got to rest (: YEAH finished writing encouragement cards, and tried to think of what to do. Like I couldn't think of what to do, I really couldn't, and I was feeling pretty meh. Even after messages and God's assurance and everything I don't know why, when I think of that I feel really really upset still. My brainstorming paper became my venting paper sighpie okay STOP.
h e l p.

By the time Kathleen got up, I was just about done and we had to go for dinner HAHHA so we decided, Kath, Dorothy & I, that we would eat a little quicker and then bathe after dinner! So I joined my group for dinner, no lateral thinking questions this time round because everyone was too busy enjoying fried rice & hash browns. I ATE A SECOND SERVING HAHAHAHA linx are you proud of me. Yes. Anyway, ate and then went up to take our baths!!!!
Went to service with really wet hair alamak ): HAHA, last night service, and we all thanked everyone in the planning comm & the worship team & the tls (': thank you guys for putting in so much effort into running the camp and making everything possible, super super super appreciate your hard work (':
Our last message was on the Spirit of Elijah - The forerunner spirit. Essentially, it is to lead people to God, to shine for Him and to do His work. And to make God our one devotion, to make Him the focus of our lives, it really all comes down to sacrifice. To sacrificing what we have integrated in our lives, to throw away things that are not as important to make space, to make time for Him.
The In between: Between the temptations that this world has to offer, that is, temporal, and God, who is eternal. Like what Pastor Jason said, it is an active choice, an active decision, every day to dedicate everything to Him, to commit everything into His hands. And I really really really want that to be what I do for all the years of my life, to decide to let Him have control instead of taking everything into my own hands, because I suck and I can't do this by myself without falling flat on my face.
let this be my prayer to You.

After message, came the crazy night. We had pizza for supper, courtesy of Tiara's mom (: yum yummmm! AND THEN BEGAN THE CHALLENGE - to pull an all nighter, the cut off being 7.30AM the next morning, with no caffeine, no nodding off. PURE STAMINA. So for the first half of the night, we played stupid games. Jaslyn, Desmond, Joel, Kai Keeve, Huilin, Yi Jing, Tze Jun & I seated at the table and trying to figure out the random, mindless games that Desmond knew, for example, 7/11 open 7/11 close, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Black/Purple/Red/Yellow/Pink Magic (we were trying to make it really obvious for Tian Hui so he would understand the trick HAHAHA), mutton chicken mutton bla bla bla, HAHAHA it was a crazy night because everyone was trying so hard to understand the trick to all these mindless games so as to not come off as dumb when you're the last one to get it. MADNESS OKAY but it was super super hilarious.
And then we told lame jokes about paus and siewmais and chickens crossing the road.
We did some lateral thinking questions!!!! Got the really freaky ones for added effect. HAHAHA, decided to pick out the most scary ones. Yep, we loves them lateral thinking questions.
As the night progressed, the number of people at the table grew smaller, with people going to sleep, people going to different tables. Hammy came down for a few minutes after leading overnight prayer for an hour before she went to bed. So then, after "getting rid" of all the smaller kids, we sat and told horror stories. So right now, I know enough army camp (courtesy of the army boys, Yong Quan and Joel) horror stories and RI/RJ (courtesy of Desmond) horror stories to last me for a long time la HAHAHA. And then Yi Jing, Desmond, Huilin, Tze Jun, Kai Shiong & I talked about JCs. Its the first time after a while that I started thinking about JC and Os results and whatnot again, and I'm kinda glad for the church seniors la because in that hour or so of talking I've learnt more about RJ & Hwach from Desmond & Yijing (: Yay!
So the night dragged on, pigged out on some biscuits to keep ourselves awake. Didn't have any problem at all not feeling sleepy and half dead until about 6AM to 7.30AM. I really really wanted to last the whole night, and Josh was super funny because him and Jaslyn had some kind of a challenge, but Josh didn't take an afternoon nap so he was trying really hard not to fall asleep.
At first, he was all "I've got this"
And then, when he was falling asleep, we were like "hey josh don't sleep you got this!" and he was like "do I?" HAHAHA super funny. Jaslyn was going a bit crazy already. At about 7ish she was dancing crazily to random songs. Huilin went to shower and brush her teeth and everything at about 7. Desmond went back to his dorm to sleep at about 7. Struggling super hard to make it for the 7.30 cut off, AAAAH BUT WE DID WE PULLED AN ALL-NIGHTER!!!!!

Probably took this at about 4AM - everyone who was awake then minus the people at overnight prayer

And then after that was a blur. Seriously, Jaslyn, Josh and I just KO-ed in the canteen after the 7.30 cut off. Don't even think we did much to serve breakfast since everyone was still sleeping as well at 8ish. When we had to wake up to do our bit to clean up the campsite and pack our belongings and everything I felt like a legit zombie when I was talking to Hannah and Hammy. TIRED OUT OF MY MIND. WHOA. Now I know how pulling an all nighter feels like (it feels like death)
After we broke camp, I got home and took a four hour nap oh gosh HAHAHAHA.

All in all, camp was a super super wonderful experience that I won't trade for anything, really (: What I have learnt about God, all the wake up calls, and the fun, the new friends made, seriously, it was an amazing time just worshipping God, fellowshipping and strengthening my bonds with God and my churchies (: As Joanne said, the real challenge is after camp, whether, when we go back to our normal routines, we will continue seeking and pursuing God with a strong passion. And I really do hope that I do, because God is worth so so so so so so much more than I can offer Him. (':

Afterglow tomorrow and I'm going to Adventure Cove with Jiayi & Meggie before Meggie flies off to the states till next year!
Btw, Hammy, this post is 5580 words long (: