Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Amusing day spent with the 6-2 cru!

Walked over to Gombak MRT to meet them, and then headed over to gombak Macs!!!! Where
1. they refused to eat until Ms Loh got there, but then I told them that she wouldn't come for a while, and finally they relented to their hunger and went to get lunch
2. Weikit stole my phone and started texting awkward things to random people eg "Kk i love u <3<3" and posting gross things on my fb & twitter NEVER LETTING HIM TOUCH MY PHONE EVER AGAIN
3. They had a super heated debate about love and relationships with Macs cups. They, being Sidd & Bels, I was kinda just like interject and talk a bit, Erwin too, Wei Kit was just sitting there stoning because all this is too deep for him HAHAHA, Fiona & Jasmine were in a world of their own. I think we were quite loud la, hahahaha, they were slamming tables and everything and trying to get their point across and talking about how it was stupid to get into relationships at this age, with army and everything, and what they look for in the opposite gender, and Sidd was sharing his little infatuation crisis with everyone present HAHAHA.
4. alamak they keep insulting me for my height, and my age. Like how Mrs Choo always teases me in school times like five people ok.
5. there was this couple making out at a table behind ours, but I wasn't facing their direction. Phew. HAHAHA Sidd termed it "low budget making out", uhm, making out at Macs a bit awkward???

And then Ms Loh came and we started discussing about the MBTI personality quiz thing, and Sidd started guessing everyone's personality types. He got mine spot on la, but he got everyone else's wrong HAHAHA. And then everyone started doing the test to find out their personality types. We decided, after a long time, that it was time to leave macs, so we all crammed into Ms Loh's car, like Wei Kit riding shotgun because he was the biggest-sized person there (and he's like average-to-skinny sized the whole of the 6-2 cru is super skinny ok seriously), and five of us at the back and we headed for Clementi Mall!

HAHAHA went to visit Richie at his job, at the supermarket HAHAHA. It was super funny because we were looking all around for him and he was so engrossed in arranging his loaves of bread on the shelves that he was oblivious to the fact that weikit went behind him and started taking loaves of bread off the shelves. hilarious omg we waited for him to get off work, and then we went to JP!

Stoned at Ya Kun, Ms Loh's treat hee! (: They started having a heated debate about relationships again and Sidd was sharing more love stories. This time though, we had more experienced input as to what Sidd should do and what human love is HAHA.
We're really growing up, huh.
I can't even remember what we used to talk about in P6 but I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with finding love, being in love, or treading anywhere near the subject of relationships. These people, despite being crazy, super lame, and despite their love for making fun of me/embarrassing me, are the people that I'm glad I grew up with, because they remind me that some things never change.Anyway, it was kind of interesting to hear about their takes on relationships. Like how Erwin looked utterly shocked + disapproving when he heard that a girl had to foot the bill when she was out on a date, and how Sidd was so passionate in discussing about relationships HAHAHA.
We'll always be the kids that chased each other around class and made the lamest jokes.

True love will always = God, and relationships will happen in His time.
For now, hammy has her claim on me. HAHAHA.

Goodnight, meeting the staffroom cru for breakfast tomorrow near school, where they apparently have the best toast! Can't wait! (:

Oh yeah check out the new desktop wallpaper I made (:

based on this song that, ever since Weiren used it in the camp photo montage, I can't stop listening to heh