Sunday, December 16, 2012


Saturday was super fun, but really tiring because I went out from like 8.30AM to 11PM #badass.

Anyway, got up extra early (even though I was really tired and it was really early) to get out of the house to take the bus down to vivo to meet my aunties at Vivo. We decided that since Adventure Cove opens at 10AM, being the true aunties we were, we had to get there before it opened. Hence, we decided that we would meet at 9.30 (Meggie was late, so much for being an ultra kanchiong auntie). 
Took the monorail thing down into Sentosa! Adventure cove was at the first stop - the USS stop HAHA I really want to go back to USS, so fuuun. I think we were too kanchiong or something, plus we didn't exactly know how to read maps, so we somehow walked all the way to the next monorail station, thinking we were heading in the right direction. HAHA so we had to walk aaaall the way back to get to Adventure Cove. Never knew resorts world sentosa was so big, but I guess now we do HAHA. 

WHOO so we rented a locker to dump our things, claimed our food vouchers (5 bux off any food item we buy) and it was time to hit the waters! Okay it kinda sucked that we didn't have any underwater cameras around with us, or that the photos the the photographers stationed all over the park take for visitors are super expensive (25 dollars for a photo like saywhuuut) but its all good! There was this waterway thing that circled the whole part, so we went on that waterway with those circular floaty thingys! It was quite fun!!! And then we decided to take a walk around the whole park and look out for rides/attractions. 

The main problem with walking around the whole park barefooted was that the ground was BURNING HOT because it was ultra sunny (super thank God for the weather, because for the whole time we were there, the sky was filled with dark clouds but it was still ultra sunny, and it didn't rain or thunder or anything, but when I got out of sentosa, on the way to church for afterglow, the roads were wet and it seemed to have rained in the area around sentosa, but not at sentosa, so its like God stopped the rain for us. YAY I serve an awesome awesome God :') mega glad and thankful). Aaah so after that experience, we have developed a whole new appreciation towards footwear. Anyway, we went to try out the rides! The first ride we went to was this slide thing! Almost all the rides there were slides, and because they only had like, floaty boat things for two people, I went twice HEHE. And then we went to the wave pool, but after a while, the waves stopped. We decided to wait for the next wave of waves (hahahaa) but then it was taking too long, and this nice chinese lifeguard (like she spoke to us in chinese about the rides haha) told us to go for other rides first, and then when we come back there probably would be waves. 
So we decided to go for the ride closest to the wavepool! And that was like THE MOST EXTREME RIDE IN THE PARK. I went on this one alone, and Jiayi went with Megan. IT WAS LIKE A WATERY ROLLERCOASTER. Like they slowly lift you up to the top on this foam boat thing and then you take a plunge down and throughout the whole course of the ride, there were so many ups and downs and then downs were pretty steep so it was like you were flying off the track and then your boat thing gets accelerated and then you zoom up and then this is pretty incoherent right but it was so THRILLING HAHA. After that crazy ride, we went on this one where we were on a gigantic slide HAHA it was pretty cute but no match for the siao siao one we went for previously. 
We headed towards the last slide that we haven't been on yet, and that was quite fun too! It was like space mountain because it was dark inside the slide, and they had like little lights along the way. 

And so we headed for lunch after that! HAHA okay thankful for the food voucher, and thankful that we actually got to the park early because if not we'd have to queue more and stuff. embracing our inner aunties :-) Meggie & Jiayi both had ham and cheese wraps, while I had this chicken sandwich thing that didn't look like much, but it was ultra filling. And then we camwhored HAHAHA. 

I love these two, my doofs. :* 

For fear that we would throw up if we went back on the rides immediately after lunch, we decided to go for a leisurely swim/float along the waterway to allow our food to digest before going onto the rollercoaster thing HAHAHA. Again, we were thankful that we decided to go early because the park was really starting to fill up and the waterways were congested. 
But when we finally got to our rollercoaster ride, it was closed due to technical difficulties and we were like, awwww :( Following that, we went into the wave pool because we saw that heeeey, the waves were back!!!! AND WE HAD QUITE A LOT OF FUN. The waves were varying in intensity, some of them were average, whereas some of them were so strong you were literally carried away by them. The only down side was that by then, the park had filled up and you couldn't go far without bumping into someone else in the wavepool. After that, we were all chased out of the wavepool because, I think, there was some kind of a lightning warning alert. naaaaaw :( so we had to camp out in the shelter for a while and wait for further instructions. 
By the time they opened up all the rides when they decided it was alright again, we decided we could go on one last ride! So we went back to the first slide we took and went on that before retrieving our things and going to wash up a bit and change back into our clothes! (: All in all, it was a good day with my idiots, I love the two of them because they are my sunshineys :* Meggie's gone to the states until like the day before our results day or something next year, aaaah! 
Thanks for the wonderful day, babes :*

Rushed down to church for afterglow! Thank God that church is near to sentosa, heehee! Even though I was about ten minutes late for service, worship just started so yay! (: Really felt God's presence during worship, and it's like I have lost interest in listening to secular (secular = non-religious? right? I always got super mixed up, hahaha, when I was doing SEA history and they asked about secular nationalist movements and I was like hm is that religious or non-religious i am rambling this is not the point HAHA) music mmmh. WHOO. Hahhaa maybe its after all the illuminati thingums HAHA ok not really la its just that I don't feel like I need to listen to it anymore, and instead I am listening to worship songs? haha! 
Okay, so for afterglow, before we had sharing and all, we had "one last task"! HAHA Felly & Julia are super cute. Our last task as a group was to look around church for clues to lead us to something. But then we went around church reading all the clues and in the end we just didn't get it. HAHAHA srsly so we were like oooookay it's alright. And Yongquan was busy scribbling all the clues down and trying to make sense out of everything. HAHAHA. Oh dear. Apparently it was supposed to lead us to the worship hall, and that other clues was to lead us to Jon, to whom we had to sing a song to and to get the necklace he was holding??? HAHAHA. Quite cool la (: And very well thought out (: 

PRIZE GIVING!!!!! Ultra mega proud of team Jonah, we actually finished third for amazing race, and first for all the games on the second day (WHOA HAHAHAHA i think it was cuz we didn't lose any game to any group) and we finished in third overall :))))) And we won the aesthetics prize for best totem HAHAHAHHA gotta luv our whale, seriously. It was the best 3D newspaper whale I've ever seen/had a part in making. :)))) It was a super good camp with them, and super thankful for the new friends that I've made in team Jonah through camp :))) 
And then we proceeded with sharing! As Hammy said, there was no awkward time lags, everyone was just sharing one after the other and it was all really heartening (: WHOOHOO THANK GOD FOR CAMP and all the lives that He has changed/touched. (': We ended afterglow like half an hour late because of all the sharings so it was really (': 
After service, practically the whole ministry (at least, those who were present for afterglow service) went to Joanne's for her housewarming + dinner (: Waited for hammy after service with panda and dorothy to take a bus down to Joanne's! Everyone managed to squeeze onto 200, HAHA. Hung around while waiting for dinner, talking to people! Minwei was there too!!!! HAHA I miss her ): Got to say hi and talk to her for a bit, thankful for that because I haven't seen her in ages! (ok there was her wedding and all so not ages! but it feels long!) 
Talked to Liang Le about post-Os plans, getting a part time job (her) or lack thereof (me). how she wanted to go into business school and how I am still pretty undecided about what to do in the future. Kinda want to go into psychiatry but I'm far from emotionally stable at this point of time. Worried a little together about Os results, but I'm certain that I really did my best for Os, and God already knows what He wants me to do for Him with my life, I just hope I find out what it is soon. 
Food was really good (': Thanks Joanne, for hosting all of us!!!! Super super super big thank you because there were so many of us! Hahah! (: After getting food and eating and all, talked to Linx and Panda & Dorothy and *life decisions* and leaders, not about our leaders as in the people, but what it implies. Hmmm. Hammy comes over and we decide to go upstairs! We settled in an empty room and started talking about random things, Hammy, Panda, Dorothy & I. Took a lot of photos, joined by Hannah, Joanna, Joanne & Jodie too HAHAHA


we have a major thing for squeezing a lot of people into one frame. 

I really really really like this photo (': Smart way to fit seven people into one photo - lie down in a circle
btw, we are all smiling the same smile, I just realised HAHAHA

hammy prince :* 
gonna miss you so much :( 

blur photo of panda and I ft. hammy's fingers :*

Laughed like crazy while taking so many photos (also because hammy nearly tickled me TO DEATH when I tried to lie down to take a photo with panda) and talking and just spending time with my favourite animals ever and my amazing church friends (': super wonderful night spent (': 
Went downstairs after following Hammy to the toilet HAHA, and we began praying for Joanne's family and Joanne's new house, and worshipped Him for a bit (: It was a cool housewarming/house-cleansing thing? Well, it was meaningful (: Left for home at about 10+ with Linx, took 188 together! Hahaha, as usual, we talked about quite a bit of things on the way home. 

All in all, Saturday was a really really good day, (: I think my blog posts are getting longer, or its just me and I'm taking longer to type these posts. 
GOODNIGHT ALL, another week ahead! 

And I am still undecided, sigh.