Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We're approaching the later half of the month December, can you believe it? 2012 is coming to an absolute end - who would've thought that the year would end like this, back when the year begun? I actually spent the first few hours of 2012 staying over at Hammy's, how my perma-drunk sounding Kristel called me when the clock struck twelve HAHA. Anyway, my blog is my digital organizer (I have a diary, that is my material - as in like. touch-able idk - organizer)

I spent yesterday slacking, went to the library to borrow some books and stuff like that. Spent the night listening to Sidd's uh, stories. Haha! But I was really tired. Okay anyway, spending more time with God the past few days, and I only hope I can keep it up, even when JC starts (JC, the whole idea of it is so frightening, but at least I have Him!)
The God of angel armies is always by my side (:

This week:
Today, Tuesday: going out for lunch with the 6-2 people later! Maybe catch a movie, I'm not sure!
Wednesday: Out with the staffroom cru ;-)
Thursday to Friday: XF finals sleepover at Liz's with Liz (: And dinner with the doobs too :*
Friday afternoon: Matt's house for baking for Saturday's Christmas service with the cg!
Saturday: Christmas service :-)))))

Next week:
Monday: celebrating Panda's birthday with Hammy & Chipmunk & Dottie :-)
Tuesday: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Okay la those are my plans for the next seven days. Now I gotta go get ready before I'm late for lunch date!!!!!