Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Met up with the staffroom cru today, and it has been a pretty eventful day :-) Got out of the house really early because we were meeting for breakfast @ Hup Choon. Hup Choon, I soon learnt, is a coffeeshop really near school, it's like, opposite Maplewoods. So we met at the bus stop along the main road at 9.30 and walked into the estate area to get to the coffeeshop! :-)

They really do have pretty good toast there, yum! :-) There was a bit too much butter though, but it was good toast :-) Had a really good talk for a good 1.5h there about the shootings in America, and the little kids. I feel really really bad for them. Sal pointed out that the shooter went solely for the 6 and 7 year olds. I can't imagine, really. And about going overseas in general? Like for holidays and to further our studies.
Our conclusion: Singapore will always be the safest, we're really blessed like that.

Decided to pop by school since we were so near by anyway. I was breaking 5 school rules at one shot. HAHA, 1. didn't french plait my hair 2. wearing slippers 3. non-MG attire/school u 4. painted nails 5. using my phone above the ground level. But we've already graduated, so it doesn't matter. Cheap thrills, breaking MG school rules. HAHA. Ran into an LTC group in school! The ones doing OD! They were busy getting ready for sec 1 regis tomorrow (which I am going back for, which I will get to)
We talked quite a lot to the Sec 2 prefects in that LTC group :-) Shan Hui, and two other cute prefects, but I didn't manage to catch their names haha :( Telling them to enjoy Sec 3 to the fullest because you'll be forever studying in Sec 4, seriously. Please please please enjoy your Sec 3, don't devote your whole life to studying - not just yet. Cute.
Some teachers were back in school too and I felt so happy to see them again, like really :') HAHAHA, managed to see Mrs Ho!!! She never taught any of us, but because we study outside the staffroom a lot, so we see her quite often, and she's really nice :) Mrs Lim came back to school today too! And Mrs Loh!!! Who was doing stuff for Sec 1 regis! Mrs Loh is so cute even after 4 years! "HI MRS LOH!" "How are you babbeehhh" HAHAHAHA. I miss our teachers so much!!!!! Whatsapped Mrs Choo to ask her if she was back in school/going back to school since we were there right (and then Shan Hui grabs my phone and starts spamming nonsense HAHA) and she told me that she was going back tomorrow, so I'm gonna go back to help her with regis stuff, being a "willing slave" quite exciting though! To see new faces, the girls that are coming in just as we are leaving!

Mmmh, after the LTC girls went to do more things, we just sat outside the staffroom and talked. About like everything, especially JC and unis and our careers and stuff, aaah. Pretty scary stuff, I mean, I'm very set on some things. Like for instance, I've decided that I'm not going to do IB, since I'm staying in Singapore for sure, and to be honest, its hard to get into like med school unless you get 44 or 45 for IB, and everyone says I'm more suited for the As system, so I'll go for As. I've recently decided to take Physics over Bio and Lit over History in JC. I don't think I'll regret not taking bio, because I've heard that those who really love bio in secondary school go up to JC and they start hating it, so I'd rather not. Desmond told me that Physics is really much more bearable, and since I have nothing against physics, and I kind of like it, I'm going with Physics. PCML it is.
AAAAH its just so daunting.
But He is Lord over EVERYTHING, and He already has all of this planned out, so why am I worrying so much? I don't know, really. I should stop trying to take things into my own hands, but trust that He already has paved a perfect way out for me. I can't help it, though. :/

Set off for lunch with Sal & Grace, to Provence ION at about 2. YUUUMMMM I really love the bread there. Sat there and ate lunch and talked until we had to go back home, it was a good time :')

I love this

GOOD TIMES WITH WONDERFUL PEOPLE yay I'm looking forward to helping out tomorrow, plus I haven't seen Mrs Choo in ages, plus going out with Sal & Grace for lunch again although we are highly indecisive people, and dinner and sleepover with Liz! :-)