Wednesday, December 26, 2012

animals and christmas

It has been a good Christmas Eve & Christmas! :-)

Went out to town yesterday with the animal gang, and I suggest that if you don't like crowds, and you don't like huge hoards of people in the same shop as you, you don't go anywhere near town during the festive season. We went yesterday and we nearly suffocated because there were just too many people around, aaaah! But it was a good day, anyhow!
On the way to Plaza Sing to meet the animals, we decided on an animal name for dottie so we could all be animals (Jess being hammy, Kath being Panda, me being hammy too, or Kath's bunny-bear hybrid thingum HAHA). So dottie is a bunny HAHAHA, cute. After we met at the MRT station, we went up to get some lunch. Being the indecisive girls we are, Panda decided on what to eat, we were there to celebrate her birthday anyway so she could make all the decisions that day :-)
Ate at Xin Wang and had wanton meeeeee & HK milk tea hehee. Panda and I decided over lunch that we would pull a PS I Love You on hammy, hahaha so exciting! :-) Also, panda was spazzing over the Friend Love Comic that we all saw on Tumblr, "AAAAAAH LOOK AT HER SHE IS CRYING"/"HE IS GAMING!!!! GAMING!!! ITS THE BOY!!!"/ "THE CLOUDS ARE THEM!!! I thought they were random clouds at first, BUT THEN I REALISED THAT IT WAS THEM!!!!" This is the Friend-Love comic:
HAHAHA so cute right. Was really really really full after lunch, and because panda wanted to go shopping at 313, hammy & I were like, hey, why don't we walk there because it's relatively nearby! But Panda was being really really lazy, "Huh aren't we taking the MRT???" HAHA. It was raining, so we couldn't walk there, panda believed it to be a sign from God that we weren't supposed to walk there. HM, so it was a stop down to Somerset and the shopping began! 
I decided not to buy anything for the rest of the year because of my shopping splurge in Bangkok, HAHA, so it was mainly Panda & Dottie who were shopping, Hammy has too many clothes to wear too :P 
We visited F21, Cotton On (which was SUPER suffocating btw, because the air conditioning wasn't working very well + there were just SO many people there, aaaah oh my gosh), New Look & random shops at the basement of 313.
Dottie was on a ROLL, she's such a shopper because picks things out really quickly! HAHA. 

got the photos below from Hammy's instagram, 

@ F21, panda in a panda hat (: 

these girls, already naturally taller than me, all decide to put on heels and take a photo to emphasise my height, or lack thereof. 
They should all stick to flats (: 

Walked to H&M after we were done at 313, you could drown in the number of people along Orchard road. Hammy had to make sure I wouldn't get lost in the crowd HAHA. She felt like using a sword to slay through the masses of people, embracing her inner prince. Watching panda try on clothes in H&M was really funny, because she looked weird in some, and we kept losing her along the way! "Where's Miss Oh?" But she still managed to get some clothes, which was good, because the sale was pretty good! :-) Hammy tried to fit me into Hello Kitty sneakers in the kids section.
Our last stop was ION: the toilet (there were so many people in the toilet that hammy & I just decided we didn't need to pee anymore HAHA) and Daiso, so Panda could (attempt) to get the plastic bags she wanted! WHOA it was a tiring day, and we all took the train back home. What made today tiring, I think, was the amount of people in town because they were trying to soak in the festivities or do some last minute shopping or whatever. Just don't go to town during the Christmas period.
It was a really fun day shopping/window shopping with the animals though, i love them :')

Got home to keren's christmas card, I love kerenny, she's so sweet :') :*

Went for Christmas service this morning, and it was a good service! A reminder of the true meaning of Christmas - that we received the greatest present of all, Jesus! (I know it sounds kinda corny, but it's so so so true). I wanna sit at Your feet / drink from the cup in Your hand / lay back against You and breathe / feel Your heartbeat / this love is so deep / it's more than I can stand / I melt in Your peace, it's overwhelming. 
Something clicked this morning, during service.

I love you guys. 

Hitched a ride from Jon, Jess & Joanna to Matt's house! So we were kinda there early, waiting for them to come back from church. It evolved from a CG Christmas gathering, to a half-the-youth-ministry kinda gathering HAHA. But Matt's such a nice guy, so he actually went to order pizza for everyone, HAHAHA. It was fun though, playing with Matt's new puppies and talking to the cg, having our own little gathering at the dining table while everyone else was in the living room.

Liangle baked red velvet cupcakes, superrrr yuuum. :-)

photo in a photo HAHAHAHA happy birthday dear :')


After Leen & Dottie left, and there were a few youths who were still at Matt's, got to catch up with Minwei :') Aaaah I've missed her. Talked about post Os and stuff like that, it was a good time!

Glad I got to spend the past two days with crazy amazing people, :')

Merry Christmas guys, :*