Saturday, December 1, 2012


Today, I didn't swim because I woke up too late. The super noisy construction going on across the street, another condo's coming up, woke me up. (they drill and stuff on Saturdays?!) Meh, because I ate so much today. Anyway, had dimsum at Chinatown for lunch which was good, because I have been craving for dimsum for the longest time and it's the best.
Went to the hospital for some visiting, dad thought NaCl = glucose. Went to church after that, for an intense round of Word With Friends after worship, dog & bone this time round wasn't thaaat intense because Joanne added in conditionals, but yeah, all in all it was fun, settled CG outing dates with the CG, and we won third :-) again, hahahaha, to quote Matt: "The emotional CG won third!!" HAHA, what with Kathleen's obsession over the personalities quiz thing, we all pretty much have our personality types sorted out. Good day at service!

I don't get how sick people are supposed to "rest", not people with the flu, colds, or blocked noses because one cannot exactly breathe when lying down. Meh. Let's just hope this limits my appetite, and that it gets better before I have to go to bkk cuz apparently they don't let sick people on the plane.

Next week,
Monday: lunch with the cg / lunch with the primary school people. Idk, I think the CG's more likely because the primary school cru can't seem to make it, so I'm probably going to reschedule that, I just hope I didn't double-book myself.
Tuesday: going to do something with Nik, need to check with the parents if its okay for her to come over because we're leaving the next day and all. Def doing something with her tho yayyy.
Wednesday - Saturday (Sunday midnight): BKK yay to shopping yay to food, I think, but no yay if its too much food I hate over eating.

Pretty much resting on Sunday, maybe do something on Monday, and then its One Devotion from the following Tuesday to Friday, really looking forward to camp (:
I really genuinely miss going to school. I think after camp and everything, I'm just going back to school to do some "work" = copying all my notes into my science textbooks for my brother, so I can keep the textbooks + the notes inside for him, and then give my notes away to my juniors. I miss everyone in school, I miss the school-y hustle and bustle. Then again, once next year starts, there'll be so many decisions to make, As or IB, which JC to go to, how in the world have I done for Os, and I have never been any good at making decisions to begin with.

It's the last month of 2012, and it seems that everyone's looking forward to December, for one reason or another. To say this year sucked isn't fair, because while it sucked, it had its good parts. As any year would right? HAHA no this year really sucked, can't count how many times I've lost every ounce of motivation to keep on studying, only to have to pick up the pace again, how tiring the whole Os year has been and all, all that has been lost, picking up old habits; but I am also thankful for the highs of the whole studying process, the amazing people I have gotten closer to, just for being able to be in MG for the last year.
So here's to the end of a not-so-good year, but nonetheless, it sounds exciting.

This post is all over the place.