Sunday, December 30, 2012


I haven't blogged in ages - result of fall asleep in front of my laptop about half an hour after I turn it on, every single time (maybe God's tryna tell me not to spend so much time in front of my laptop - something I have learnt to live with lesser of especially after mid years, prelims and Os).
I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep again, so let's do this thing.

On Wednesday, I went out with my brother to catch Wreck-It Ralph, and it was a really good movie. I thought it was really cool how they incorporated all the different games into one movie, and all the different characters from the various games etc etc. And the storyline was quite moving HAHA aww. Super liked the movie, and it was worth rushing all the way down to watch it!

(this laptop/internet thing is putting me to sleep oh man)

On Thursday, went to Provence to meet Liz for lunch to satisfy our bread cravings! Whenever I go to town, I have this odd feeling that I'll bump into at least one person I know. It's pretty much true la HAHA, for whenever we go to town. Anyway, the pizza bread thing was really nice but it was also really oily. I love the milk thingy. Yay, craving = satisfied!
After Liz checked out the prices of her school shoes, we visited the supermarket in Taka to get some baking goods - cream cheese and muffin liners - and then headed back to liz's, where we had a major bake-fest! We baked mini, muffin-sized blueberry chees ecakes, and chewy oreo cheesecake cookies, and both taste pretty good, though I do say so myself. It was a productive day baking, Liz is also on her way to making enough baked goods to feed an army, seriously now.
And then I spent the whole night, from the time I got home, bathed, and ate insta-porridge for dinner, till about 12.30 to 1, drawing. Actually, copying stuff off tumblr and modifying and tweaking a li'l bit.

On Friday, I went to school to pass Mrs Lau her birthday present, but then I also ended up doing favours for my dear teachers for the whole day. It was actually pretty fun, sitting down and copying math answers - or in Ms Kek's case, she made me work them out myself. What faith in someone who hasn't done Math for about two months or something.
And it was nice to be back in school, to see all my teachers. I've missed them, really. I'm pretty excited for orientation week, next week. Gonna go back & help out then too :)

Today, I went to town to meet the boobs for lunch, and I have the best friends who are the worst at lying & keeping secrets & making themselves look normal, instead of downright suspicious.
We had Jap for lunch, and being our stingy auntie selves, we had to make sure we didn't spend too much - this will do good for our lives later on, when we grow up even more.
We had ice cream @ 313, and they bought a cake for reenah & I, but because reenah turns 17, and I turn 16, they decide to stick in 16 and a half candles, like seriously, HAHA but it was pretty cute :-) I had fun with them, and I thank God for friends like them (:
Off to church after that, Thanksgiving service! Worship was really powerful. Haha, something always goes in me when we sing How He Loves, because that was the song I kept listening to last year when shit happened, and it somehow got met through with the knowledge that God's love surpasses anything that we may face, no matter how crappy we are as people that He still loves us. Crap person, crap time, I think that's why this song was kind of it.
We appreciated our leaders, yay! And Joanne shared with us a few verses and the vision for next year, stuff like that. Interesting. I can't wait for 2012 to be over. It has been such a terrible year. A t r o c i o u s I hated this year. In general, not every moment was terrible, but it was. ugh.
I would've told you that I was scared. I am scared.

Okay, I'm hungry and sleepy so I'm going to sleep now before I am tempted to eat something.