Sunday, December 9, 2012


Bangkok was fuuuun :-)

Left bright and early (actually, it wasn't bright. It was so early that the sun had yet to rise, so it was dark and early) at 6AM to the airport to catch our flight! Met up with the extended family at the airport, checked in and everything. We had our breakfast at the departure hall. 

Read this on the flight to Bangkok, listening to the new songs I transferred onto my phone the night before we left. I'm not done with it yet, but it's a good book.

Checked into our hotel, I didn't take any photos of our hotel suite, but it was pretty cool. Shared a king sized bed with my ahma! My brother slept on the couch HAHA. 
Set off to our first shopping destination soon after we cooled down: MBK! It was within walking distance of our hotel, which was a good thing! Did some shopping, didn't really get much from MBK because we didn't spend too much time there, mother said we would go back on the last day of our trip.
Went along a very bugis-esque street around the area after that, when we found out Siam Centre was closed. It was cool stuff, we (being the females; my brother, cousin and dad sat in a coffee house waiting for us HAHA) walked around so much we nearly got lost. 
Went for dinner at Siam Paragon, had subway yum yum!

Brother and the cousin bought Krispy Kreme for desert, kinda regretted not getting some! Dad says it sells the best donuts, oh well. 

Pre-breakfast drink: Meiji coffee milk!!!!! I love it love it love it.

my brother & I at breakfast

Headed to platinum today, I swear I nearly died shopping if that was possible. It took us two hours to finish going through the whole of the first level in our avid hunt for new clothes. Took a break and went for lunch after that, JAPANESE!!!!!!

I luv u matcha. 

We spent basically the rest of the day shopping, walking around, shopping some more. Covered the whole of platinum, with the exception of the basement. Helluva wholesale centre, bought new clothes wheeeee. + the clothes there are extremely cheap, at 4 to 8 bux a piece I am in love. 
Visited Shibuya, some Japanese (it wasn't all that Japanese la, tbh AHAHA) wholesale centre before walking back to the hotel! 
For dinner, we went to this little cafe/restaurant at the end of the little street that our hotel was located on, where their kitchen was out in the open, which was pretty cool. The food there was soooo goooood. Go to Bangkok, have your fill of Thai food. 

Pad thai, my dinner. It was amazing.

everyone ordered some roadside banana prata after dinner. I didn't eat anything, but it looked and smelt really good. No way am I risking the caloriezzz though HAHHAHA.

Day three,

Took the BTS to Central World, where they have all the international brands. Visited F21 (to my dismay, we couldn't find anything there + the non-sales items were like double the price of the stuff in Singapore), Zara, Nike, all the international brands. Oh, and this mega big bookstore that used to be Borders, according to my mother, B2S? I think. 

We had steamboat for lunch ommmmznommmz.

Pau pau pau pau HAHAHA I had to order it.
The iced coffee was amazing too, btw.

We actually went back to Platinum after that, scrambled to buy some more clothes before it closed at 7PM (we got there at about 5PM) WHOA, got more stuff than I did when we went there the previous day! Crazy tiring day, had dinner at the little cafe place again, (: Even though I didn't eat (everyone ate pad thai ok I was the only one that ordered it the previous night, and they all tried and found it so good HAHA), I think I was too full from lunch. I had a banana shake? HAHA.

Chatuchak Market on our last morning in bangkok! It was a crazy experience, it was a humongous market with lots of tourists (we met a few Singaporeans, not that we knew them, but yeah) and lots of little stalls. PTL, because the weather wasn't blisteringly hot, and we got there early. by the time we left, there were greater hordes of people heading for the market from the BTS station, 

As my mother promised, we went back to MBK for lunch, THAI FOOD! The Mango Sticky Rice was heavenly :*** went around searching for my phone cover, and bought RED!!!!! YAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hahaha I love taylor who cares.
Left for the airport soon after, :(

Carol bear & I on the flight home, I love my bb bear. 
I watched Frankenweenie on the flight home, it was so cute. But it was a pretty dark show. Tim Burton. It was good though, I liked it.

VS BODY MIST HAHA. It smells gooood plus my parents say its really cheap. 250ml for 20 bux, so they bought it for me at the airport.

Aaaah, had fun in Bangkok (: It was a nice holiday! Okay, tomorrow I'm going picnicking with Abi & grace, and then I need to pack for camp on Tuesday. Hammy's coming back tomorrow, I'm happy (: haven't seen my hammy prince in ages, miss you :( Mad week up ahead, can't wait to see what God has in store for me, for all of us (:

Also, I got a letter saying that I received the EAGLES award today, wheeeeee (ok this monetary incentive thing is really working out, MOE, I'm really happy HAHAHA). All earthly glory goes back to God, PTL (: