Friday, December 21, 2012


The last two days were pretty eventful, and I have much to blog about - which is a good thing? Hahaha, anyway, before I start, two very important things because today is the 21st of December 2012.

1. The world has not ended yet, and it's probably already the next day in Australia, or wherever in the Southern hemisphere or something. We have lived to see another day - only God knows when the world is ending because only He knows when Jesus is coming back. Can't believe I was stupid enough to believe this in Sec 1, but then again, I was pretty stupid in Sec 1 HAHA okay.

2. Happy birthday Mrs Lau ♡ I always feel like I've never thanked you enough, so thank you. For helping me grow up, for teaching me so many things, and for all the ups, downs and all arounds.

Okay so those two things aside,
Yesterday I went back to school to help out with Sec 1 Regis! Okay I actually got to school at 7.30, normal school time. Aaah it was really early, I don't know how I'm going to wake up when school actually reopens (something I don't want to think about - going to JC) Anyway, waited for Mrs Choo and then we went up to the hall together! So basically each teacher is assigned to a counter, and at each counter there was a Sec 2 (the LTC group in charge of doing OD). So the counter I was at had three people - Shan Hui, Mrs Choo & I!
Mrs Loh: "So girls, check that the excel sheet is named after your registration counter number! It should be, is it?"
Mrs Choo, too excited, immediately replies: "YES!!!!!"
Shan Hui & I, after checking: "NOOOOOOO"
HAHAHA we make a great team.

SUPER ENTERTAINING OKAY HAHA. The parents and students started streaming in at about 8, 8.30? Each counter had about 25 new girls registering, and basically we had to give them this booklet/file thing with forms and informative letters, stuff like that, and then they had to go fill it up and come back to return the forms to us. And after they return us their forms, we had to key in the relevant information into an excel sheet. IT WAS TIRING WORK, because like everyone kinda comes at the same time, and when they're busy listening to talks there isn't anyone coming back. So it was kinda like bursts of people?
Anyway, when they were busy listening to talks, we just started chatting among ourselves. Idk man, we were talking about Shan Hui's obsession with Justin Bieber, and Taylor and 1D, and suddenly my very hip lit teacher tells me that apparently Selena Gomez is trying to get together with the "guy in 1D whose name starts with an N" WHOAAA HAHA. Also, I started blabbing about holidays and friends to Mrs Choo HAHAHA I miss doing that between lessons.
Basically, Shan did most of the talking and collecting forms and whatnot, and I keyed in all the info from the forms onto the excel sheet. We went to Mrs Choo when we didn't know what to do/panicked a bit HAHA. After everyone left and our regis counter was closed (we were the first counter to close HAHAHA Mrs Choo had this competition thing with Mrs Lau's counter next to ours so we won! Apparently Mrs Lau owes us coke now? I don't get where the coke came from but she texted me about it last night HAHA), I went to help Mrs Loh collate info. I had to collate the number of each shirt size, dietary restrictions of campers, and the dietary restrictions + attendance of parents on some parents get together night from each regis counter on a piece of paper. The only frustrating part was the counting part HAHA, staring at the excel sheet counting the number of shirt sizes was killer.

So that was basically it for regis! (: Was gonna go for lunch with Sal, but we saw Qi & Rachel downstairs so we went down to talk to them and decided to go for lunch at KAP Macs together! But they got off 'work' (they were selling school uniforms and PE attires and labcoats at the canteen) at 1, so Sal and I hung around the canteen, and we subsequently went up to our usual spot to sit down and talk and wait for Qi & Rachel.
After they were done with working (HAHA), we walked to KAP! Qi was telling us EE stories & showing us a few photos from EE on the way to Macs, SUPER HILARIOUS I think she has successfully gotten over her fear of Mrs Ng after being on the same ROCs trip as her HAHA. Aaah I really do miss EE! :') Oh my gosh I have broken my not-eating-macs record though, meh! Figured I could pig out because I didn't have any breakfast. Also, we ran into Ayn & Aastha at Macs! Couldn't really talk to Ayn though, aw :( Super amusing talk about Sec 4, and about school life in general! I miss Qi so much, moo :( Miss studying with her, and taking prolonged breaks together, and just talking to her around school. I have the best juniors I could ever ask for, hands down.
Went home after lunch to bathe, rest a bit, watch some TV and pack up my things before going out again for dinner @ Coro bux with Liz hehehe. We each had a toffee nut frap for dinner, not the healthiest thing to do, but it was super yums! Shovelled frap into my mouth with a straw, hee. I miss drinking bux, haven't had it in ages! Her dad picked us up and sent us back to her's! And so we unpacked her IB books that she bought in UK, the math book was HUGE and ULTRA THICK HAHAHA. Read through the Physics IB book, and the content was pretty familiar, but definitely harder, but still! I hope its the same for the As syllabus. Pretty much set on taking physics in JC already.
And then we stalked people on facebook, hur hurrrr. I feel like a creep. It's funny to see how we've grown up, the people from the past in the present. Tried playing liz's classical guitar for a bit, Ojo came in and started to attack awkward & carol bear, HAHA!

FINALLY, it was time for XF :-) By 10PM at night, our toffee nut fraps were clearly not sustaining us, so we resorted to eating some chocolate - caramel cadbury chocolates that tasted so guuuud hehe. Liz's youngest sister watched the XF performances with us! We were easily bored by Tate, but that sort of applies to everyone because they have sort of found their own styles and are sticking to it week after week, which is not a bad thing because they're all singing well.
Carly Rose the queen.
The duets were especially funny - Carly out-sang Leann Rimes because she could hit the big notes with much greater ease than Leann, because Carly is fantastic heehee; Tate who had this pedo face on at certain points of his performance HAHA; Demi who sang soooo weellll because tbh, you have to give it to her that she is a really good singer despite the fact that she's not that good a mentor, (this may be a biased opinion) and just totally pulled up 5H's performance. I don't really like 5H, but okay. It was a cool finale :-)
After XF, it was ANTM Cycle 17 ALL STARZZZZ. The episode in which Shannon Stewart refused to wear underwear and do the shoot. I kinda miss watching ANTM, but it got so trashy.
We stayed up a bit more, up till about 2.30, talking about things like the future (JC, careers and everything, its like the time to think about these kinda things right now) and enjoying each others' company (plus Stephanie's who was probably jet-lagged and packing her things to bring to her friend's house the following day) Mmmh, we finally fell asleep on the couch after making sure we had set our alarms to wake us up to watch the live broadcast of the results show at 9AM today.

RESULTS WERE DISAPPOINTING, I MUST SAY SIGHPIE. I thought carly should've won. This week's results show was two hours long, something they always do for all the final results shows in XF, I guess. Liz & I were pretty excited HAHAHA and I was whatsapping Mrs Choo excitedly about XF results too (alamak she can't remember the things I told her yesterday lor HAHAHA like how I told her yesterday I was sleeping over at liz's so we could watch the XF finale together and she was like "you didn't!" "when?" lmao)
WAAAAAH CARLY DIDN'T WIN :'( But at least 5H finished third - where we expected them to finish hehehe. Not that I don't like tate or anything, but I think Carly's better :-( SO UPSETTING SOMETIMES, these variety shows!!! Hopefully Carly gets a really good record deal too though, because she really deserves one. Her voice is pure amazing, and she's only 13! (Which sucks because that means I am talentless and sad @ 15-soon-to-be-16 years old)

After we were done with watching the results show, we left for HV to have lunch! We wanted to go for lunch at the provence cafe/bakery place at HV, but it was closed!!!! :( Upsetting stuff. So we went over to have some subway instead. HAHA I have missed eating my Subway Raspberry Cheesecake cookies, I had one this afternoon and now I'm happpzzzz. Parted ways after lunch because I had to go meet Matt & Grace @ West Coast Plaza to settle the goodie bag things we were getting together for tomorrow's Christmas service gift exchange thingy!
Picked up post-its and a whole set of sharpies at popular, and then headed down to the supermarket to get Freddie Frog chocolates & mini milky ways! We decided that we were all set, so we went to Matt's to pack them into goodie bags that we so tactfully made from wrapping paper! Minwei was overseas so she wasn't at home when we went over, awww, wanted to see her! I miss Minwei :( But it was pretty fun times, and after we settled the goodie bags, Matt taught us how to play the guitar!!!
Okay he taught me, the musically under-educated how to play G, C, E minor and D! And he taught Grace cheemer things, because she already learnt the basic guitar stuff and of course she's much more musically experienced than I am.

I WAS SO TIRED BY THE TIME I GOT HOME HAHAHA, but it has been a good two days! :-) Now I shall go do slides for worship tomorrow, and then go to sleep because I am really tired and its super cold now - good sleeping weather!