Monday, December 3, 2012


Ultra tiring, but fun day today with the CG (':

Was supposed to meet at 11.30, and was about five minutes late, but hobo-ed around with Valval and her pink skateboard and her avid obsession with her new (huge) teddy bear before the rest actually came HAHAHA. Stood around the MRT waiting for the rest to come, Krissy talked about her Hawaii trip and how she spent 200 bux in like, a day or two HAHA because they only had a day or two set aside for shopping! Met Matt and a half dead Panda and then set off to look for food for lunch. We felt a bit bad for Matt cuz he was the only guy, since all the other guys in our CG are currently in army now HAHA. Which brought us (mostly, me, because I never actually thought about it) to the realization that our CG's actually pretty old. Like we have no new sec ones, and the youngest member of the cg is meeee haha and I'm not exactly young!!!!!

Eventually settled at Wisma's food court, walked like three million rounds around the whole food court looking for food with Kris, (THERE IS NO JAP FOOD IN THE FOOD COURT, dang) and we got noodles in the end heheh. Talked over lunch, about school - JC and secondary school and how As would end a few hours from then, and all - and about OBS. Omg OBS my greatest nightmare HAHA okay it was pretty terrible for me okay. Kathleen suggested we have a CG-kayaking-outing one day. All's good if my kayaking partner is Matt, the canoeist HAHAHA.

Walked around like EVERYWHERE - we walked for a total of three hours, I realised by the end of our whole Orchard escapade. First of all, we hit Daiso at Ion, where Val wanted to get some heatpacks (she got a lot of heatpacks for her holiday to Germany, DEUTSCHLAND heehee, but heatpacks saved our cold butts in EE last year, so it's a good thing!); Kathleen got a whole collection of random things: from a super cute bunny bib for Jemma, HAHA!; adorbz fluffy socks and, I think, a set of ribbons for her Christmas presents!; We were also scouting for a non-girly letter set for Matt, the stuff at Daiso's actually pretty girly, or girl-inclined. Made fun of the hilarious grammar on some of the letter sets HAHA, they were super hilarious tbh, especially the one about the laces, but eventually we found something that was pretty unisexual HAHA. I just bought a packet of maple-flavoured caramel corn for the smelly boy (my brother).

Next, we stopped by Provence so Kris could buy like a Milk Stick and a Milk Pan, and Leen got a mini pizza (I love the mini pizzas in Provence, yummmm. I love everything in provence, tbh its such a good bakery imo.) Went all the way up to the top level of Ion to look for some atas supermarket Val & Matt were talking about, but we totally couldn't find it, it was gone :-(((( Oh wells, we got to look around at "expenseland", as Matt calls it HAHAHA apparently it's some marketing technique!?!?!!?! well.

Took the underpass to Taka, and while we were walking through Wisma, I finally got my drink!!!!! Some Soya Bean Mango Ice Blended thing that actually tasted not bad. Wanted to get Coke Light before that, but they were totally discouraging me from getting coke aiyah HAHA. Krissy went and bought herself some ice cream HAHAHA SRSLY I never knew that girl could eat SO MUCH, like she had noodles, her serving slightly more than mine, and then she ate some bread, and finished some ice cream THE WORLD IS NOT FAIR because she is skinny MEHHHH. Crazy appetite!!!!!

Visited anbc, and Art Friend (where we were told very animatedly by the staff that we were not allowed to drink in Art Friend, but he was really nice about it haha!). Aaaaah cute stuff. :'( felt really bad because we were gonna leave after visiting Art Friend, and then Liang Le came to look for us hehehe :/ Kris got her fabric dye! Pretty cool stuff, idk what we're doing on Sunday, baking or tie/dip-dyeing our clothes, but it sounds cool enough :-) Walked to the bus stop with Matt & Liang Le, and totally conked out on the 174 back home because by the end of our whole expedition, all of us were pretty tired.

AAAAAAAAHH hope I can go for CG outing on Sunday, like, hopefully my parents will let me out the day after we get back, since they said I can go for service on Sunday and everything, hmm. And then after BKK, its CAAAMPPPP! and I'm really excited for camp heehee :')

I miss these people so much, I miss school. 

What a detailed post, whoosh.