Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bless the broken road


So much to blog about because I haven't blogged in forever..... HAHA ok since Thursday, but that's still quite a long time. 

What did I do in school on Friday, hmmm. We had about 2 hours of Chinese, as usual, to kick start our fantabulous day. First half of the lesson was spent in class, I can only remember Cristina telling me about Dark Shadows HAHA. Second half of the lesson, we spent in the library. Laoshi let us do work/read Chinese books/watch Chinese shows lmao. Attempted the Xin Min paper, fell asleep subsequently until it was time for recess. The library, I am pleased to report, is still as cold as the North pole.

Recess with the usual recess crew, had fun discussing what we were gonna do on Thursday at Sentosa, heehee! Can't wait :-) (I am still a horrible person, but I simply cannot help it. HELP ME GOD TO BE A NICE PERSON)

Full humans after that, hahaha kinda missed History (: I liked the familiarity of Singapore history. Maria Hertogh riots, Hock Lee Bus Riots, Merger, Separation, yup we gon cover all that in time to come. We did Maria Hertogh on Friday though, and its different learning it as a Sec 2 and a Sec 4. Back then it was all like textbook knowledge but now its like, wow, didn't she have a screwed up childhood / why wasn't she given the choice to choose who she wanted to go with and all, hmmmm. Hahaha okay, so that was a good lesson :) Sort of anyway! Love-hate history all the time. 

On the way to the chapel, (how do I use a nice adjective to put this, uhm) angsted a bit to Mrs Choo, hahaha, she's quite nice to angst to sometimes because she's always very calm. heheh, anyhow, level wrap up for the term. I do realise we have soooo little time left. After the holidays, we have 5 weeks to prelims. After prelims, we have 9 weeks to Os. That's barely enough time. I'm going to miss MG so much. I can't even. AHHHHH :'( I can't believe a semester just flew by, just like that, and we're this much closer to graduating. SIGH. 

Okay, packed up the classroom, Char braided my hair, mmmmh. PE department taking excruciatingly long to come up with our CCA records. Sitting around in school before finally going home, hahaha! 

Yesterday, I had tuition in the morning. Was sort of annoyed in the morning, but got over that. Hahaha. Super glad I have no chinese tuition for the next 2 weeks, heehee! Went to Plaza Sing for lunch before going over to church, yay I love church :-) Had a good worship session, have so many things to thank God for this week, its amaaazing! I mean its really amazing how He always comes through for me :') 
left for downstairs to blow Matt's cake! :-) happy belated birthday Matt! :-) 
Left for BB campfire at Swiss Cottage, I mean, its so near my house anyway, plus Mrs Lau says campfires are always fun hahaha so I decided to go! Laughed with Linx over shakespearean lyrics on the MRT, sigh! And had a good time walking along gombak, looooove Gombak. :') 

Campfire was alright! played games, magic show, mass dance (MMHMM NOPE NOT MASS DANCE, SPASTIC JERKS), dinner, CAMPFIRE! Hahaha! Quite ironic how linx matt and I were sitting right at the back, and we were the shortest (ahem) amongst nearly everyone there, so we were craning our necks and stuff HAHA. 

Went shopping today, and everything is just so gorgeous I WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING OMG SOB. Bought quite a bit from H&M, I wanted to buy moooore, if only i had the budget, sigh. idk why the summer collections are all so beautiful HAHAHA. I need to shop more someone halp. 

Wish I could've went for GDOP today though, but I have bio @ 8AM tomorrow, why :-(
ALSO, ALL THE BEST FOR CHINESE Os GUYSSSSSS don't stress, just go in and do your best, God will be by your side and trust me, He can make the impossible possible :-) HE REIGNS OVER YOUR CHINESE PAPER.

Ok so i have been listening to Bless This Broken Road so much for the last three days or so, ahhh. I think its a wonderful song HAHA. 

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Super wonderful omg.

Three weeks of holiday is not enough. NOT ENOUGH because prelims are sooooo close by. And I'm like AAAAHHHHH okay I need to go off now to plan my week so I don't feel like I'm wasting my days away. I've packed my shelf + filed all the loose worksheets I left lying around whilst I was studying for mid years, mhmmmmm.