Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guess what this is

I HATE BEING TIRED I SWEAR I don't even know why I'm so tired nowadays. I'm getting less sleep than I do during the exam period/when I have to study and I'm tired as heck every second of my life and I don't get it ok I'm just really annoyed now. I cannot take how tired I'm always feeling. I literally feel like I'm going to die now.

So today I found out Copper (II) Sulfate's toxic, even in minute amounts, upon consumption. So actually, I've been carrying like what 5 + grams of poison around with me for the past year or so.  (We made Copper(II) sulfate crystals in chem SPA last year) Thankful I JUST found out. HAHA. Who knows. Anyway I'm just going to continue carrying it around with me, who knows, it may come in handy one day.

What did we do today........ Oh yes we had our result slips returned to us. Surprisingly, my CA pulled down my Mid year scores more than that of my CA pulling up my Mid year grades. Okay, I guess I just have to learn to be content with what I have, because its not all too bad and I'm quite happy with it. Hmm.

Career Keys workshop in LT1, which was quite interesting actually. We did quite a bit of profiling, finding out our personality/interests and skills and stuff like that, to work towards our ambitions. Hahaha, DISC's been changing since Sec 1. In Sec 1 when I first took it, I was an S. In Sec 3 or something I became an IS. Now I'm an ISC hahaha, which is quite cool really. Anyway I think I'm just odd or something because what I want to do in the future doesn't really match the suggested ones for me. Not all of them, at least.
I'm not sure, but I'll just trust in God and see where He leads me, mmmh?

Recess, which was hilarious because Megan dropped her chicken on the table. Lalala, the usual stuff :-)

Chinese after that, it was bearable because today's session was short. I think I might just fall asleep in Chinese tomorrow seeing as how I'm perpetually tired WHICH SUCKS SO BAD. Anyway. We went through paper 1, and stuff. Chinese is always quite entertaining sitting with Cris Megs Jiayi, heehee. Last 2h chinese period tomorrow, thank goodie goodness.

ACJC Outreach! I felt really bad for falling asleep, but I did. We always end up sitting all the way at the back of the gallery, so I could sleep without getting caught :x HAHA. Felt really bad, but I don't want to go to ACJC anyway, I think. If all goes well, who knows really. But yeah. It was alright I would think, for the parts where I was awake. (this only further emphasises the annoying fact that I can sleep anywhere)

After school with Grace & Charis as usual, tried finishing our task but we couldn't, sigh. But it was a good time, as usual. Also, Cristina informs me that we are officially excused from CCA for the rest of like the year and I'm just like yessssssss ohyaaaaayyyyy no more Infocomm HAHAHA BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE.

Came home texted + watched America's Got Talent HAHA i do love America's got talent but I hate it when they send people home I mean its inevitable and all but I'm just like aaah when they look all heartbroken and disappointed when they're not put through even though they're amazeballs. Anyway. I like the old lady hand whistler I swear she's so qt and her talent is super unique too i'll be so upset when she gets out in the Hollywood round. Or the pair of sisters with cystic fibrosis but sing like amazingly. Or this boy that looks like he's fresh out of a Disney career HAHA. Anyway. I love these kind of shows when is X Factor 2 finally coming to singapore.

Anyway I'm just really quite tired. Super glad yet super apprehensive about term 2 ending tomorrow. Glad for my June hols even though they don't exactly exist, yet this means we only have less than half a year left in MG and I just cannot imagine not being in MG I think I'll be so so so sad, simply thinking of leaving makes me so upset already.

It is thundering.