Monday, May 21, 2012

(haaaayyyy gurl)

/I'm reading this now/ aaaahhh I'm really liking the book, it keeps you reading and its really sweet, and Nicholas Sparks can write from different perspectives/thinkings really well. 

Lots to blog about for crazy Saturday + today I guess! :-) 

Woke up really bright and early on Saturday to meet Grace at 7.45 at the MG bus stop! Level 1: ACSI Open House. Went to AC OH with Grace & Char, and the first bit was embarrassing because we went over to the side meant for Primary 6s :P But then we found our way to the Year 5-6 side soon enough! Visited their subject booths, it was really interesting :-) I think I would like to join AC (if I can. I sincerely hope I can) after this year, everything sounds so interesting and the teachers seem really nice :-) We made a point to visit nearly every single subject booth, and upon visiting the history one, I made a mental note to tell Ms Koh they did China History in year 6 heehee. All in all I thought it was a really enlightening time there!!!!!!

Left for MG at about 9.20, because our shift was at 10.30! Had red bowl noodles in school with Grace heehee, so glad the school canteen was open, made things really convenient :-) Level 2: MG Open House. After eating, we decided to visit the hall for a bit, walked around and took a polaroid before we left :-)
sec 4s + our wonderful year head :') 
Nik bb + me doing the Nik face :-) 

Had a briefing in the conference room by Ms Ng next. Decided we didn't really wanna do the Bio booth again, and Ms Ng agreed and looked for Sec 3s to fill our places instead. Hahaha, Ms Ng's really nice to us :') HAHAHA ok so we ended up doing registration for the first hour. It was boring stuff, but it was alright! It was nice talking to random people, well sort of!
Ms Ng decided she needed more people down for student guides, so Grace & I were relieved of our registration duties, and hence we became student guides! Okay it was really scary at first, led the group of people I was taking to the hall first. Then I kind of lost half of them........... UHM HAHAHA so freaked out to Mrs Lau a bit, and she goes ITS ALRIGHT HAHA yeah so I just brought the four people I had left. They were really nice people so it wasn't that bad! Went to the labs after the hall because they didn't want to go for the lesson experience, which was alright :-) Time in the lab was good because i just hung around with Ayn, talking as the parents and girls did like every hands on thing there was in the science lab. It was a really good time talking, about lots of things! Saturday was good because I got to talk to Ayn a lot more and got to kind of know more Sec 3 SLs, they're a really friendly + cute bunch :-) 
Went up to the hall, just in time to take a last look at the SL board before it was time to take it down! 

its so pretty + I love our tower thing.

best year head, worst eyebags. HAHAHA. sml 

I thank God because I just had so much joy doing open house for MG, I think everyone should go to MG in my humble opinion because at nowhere else will you find a better environment + better teachers. I really do love MG and its been lovely having been here for the last 3+ years, I can't imagine leaving just like that :'( 

Level 3: CHURCHHHH ♡
After helping (a little) to pack up, had to leave school to get to church! It was so so so hot okay :'( anyway, fell asleep on the bus to church! PLUS I WAS SO SMELLY (i think, I hope i wasn't thaaat smelly. But i was sweating quite a bit because of the horrendous weather) so the first thing I did when I got to church was to spam deo..... HAHAH...... Whattodo. 
Worship was gooooood as usual, it just felt super nice to be able to praise God, especially after all that He has blessed me with this week. :') With lots and lots of joy and also with relatively good mid year results. LOVE GOD SO MUCH and so it was a very good time, as church services always are. Message was good too, mainly about having the heart and the willingness to serve for God and let God work through you to serve others for Him. Mmmmh :-) ♡

Changed right after service, squeezed in Uncle Chor Pang's car with Heidi Val Liangle Ryanny Matt HAHAHA. Level 4: VJ Dance Concert. It was squeezy so I ended up sitting on Heidi's lap. The car ride was really really funny, and ECP kind of jammed rather badly but that was okay. Ordering from the drive thru was really hilarious and we eventually all got to VJ for Kristel's performance, even though we had to rush through our dinner (Burger King mmmmmh + FATS) 
Sat in the gallery between Heidi & Liangle and the audi was FREEZING like oh my goodness it was so cold, tried sharing my cardigan with Heidi! But otherwise, the dancers were soooooo goooood :-) I'm just like looking at them and thinking "I'll never be able to dance like that in my LIFE" They were so good, so yay the concert was really really good!  Even though i was pretty tired by then, :') GOOD JOB KRISSYPOO + VJ DANCERS I had a really good night :-) 

Took a picture with all of them before Liangle & I left. It as like 10.30 by the time we left VJ. going home for the both of us (we both live in the same area YAY) was literally travelling from the east to the west of singapore. First we had to take a bus to Paya lebar MRT, and then we rode the entire green line back to Jurong east, and finally we changed train and took one final stop back to Bukit Batok. By the time I reached home it was nearly 12, but I really thank God for keeping us safe especially when it was so late. Fell asleep on the MRT heehee. OH YES THANK GOD THE MRT DIDN'T BREAK DOWN. I constantly have this irrational fear that the MRTs will break down. 

Made a lot of progress reading The Lucky One today! 

Super beautiful lovemg2012 sticker

Today was alright, I guess. Apart from watching all the other levels go out and have fun while we had to sit for a 2 hour Chinese paper, it truly sucks to be Sec 4. So desperate for someone to kidnap me to Ubin THAT'S RIGHT I would rather have gone back to OBS (even though the thought of it still makes me shudder a liiiiittle). 

~*Memories of OBS flooding back*~ 

I can't believe its been a year since we've been there. I wonder how much has changed. I remember cooking in the dark, being affected by a lightning splash, having the best sleep ever on night 2 because it was raining and cold, trekking and singing to keep our spirits up, kayaking until my arms nearly broke off, being persuaded to go for the Jetty Jump (which by the way, if I have not already said this, would probably be what one would feel like had one attempted suicide by jumping off a building) I remember missing a lot of things, HAHA. Who wouldn't right?
I wonder how the Sec 3s are doing. I wonder if they're ok, which I hope they are! And that they're surviving fine. Confession time: I cried on the first night of OBS because I couldn't get used to it. But every day after that was fine :-) I guess it takes some getting used to because its a completely different environment.

anyway, we received our A Math & Physics today. Really pleased with Physics, especially for a paper that I half-whacked hehe. I have concluded, after today, that I am truly a science person. Ok my history this time wasn't that bad too. Jack of all trades but master of none? LESIGH OK HAHA too early to tell! A Math was not good, but I sort of expected it because I knew I screwed it up, so I already prepared myself for the worst HAHAH. Still, thank God for everything, for providing me with peace and joy as we received our last two papers today :') 

Probably staying back tomorrow with Grace. I really have nothing to do HAHAHA. Okay I shall try to make proper use of my time instead of slacking around everywhere. Maybe I'll start by packing my exploding shelf tomorrow night. Hmmmm. 

Spent the entire of today not doing much. I am such a slacker ok anyway. I'm getting sleepy so I'm going to sleep soon? :-) hahahaha. YAY finally blogged!