Monday, May 28, 2012

i wish i was strong enough to lift not one, but both of us

This holiday-time will be different.

“Maybe it’s not blood bonds that make us a family. Perhaps it’s the people who know our secrets and love us anyway, so we can finally be ourselves.”
Thank you. 

bucket list: to have a pet squirrel. Squirrels are so adorable I've been wanting to have a pet squirrel since I was like idk EIGHT I WANT A SQUIRREL SQUIRRELLYYYYYYY.
I want a squirrel.

Today was a really dumb day, like, not that today was dumb or anything, it was me that was so dumb lol okay. Got to school early because I screwed up my timings, ended up in 4O talking to Reenah before she left for guitar. After she left for guitar, I walked to KAP to get some breakfast (Heehee macs breakfast) before going for Bio!

Bio was at LT2 (yay best LT everrrrr never fails to remind me of the LT2 incident in Sec 2 hahaha), and we began on Mitosis & Meiosis. Prophase metaphase anaphase telophase cytokinesis lalala. Thank God that I remember bits and pieces of it from Life Sciences in Sec 2 even though Life Science in Sec 2 was a flop lmaaaaooo okay. Never really do mind going for Bio because Mrs Liow's a really good teacher. 

Walked to KAP again with Jiayi & Megs because we had an hour + break between our first lesson and our second lesson. They had lunch at Cinta Manis, didn't really eat much because I was still full from having breakfast in the morning. That breakfast just sort of lasted me the entire day till dinner heehee. Good exercise, walking to and fro and to and fro KAP! Quite nice that we have KAP nearby (until it gets taken down anyway, grrrr)

Heredity @ IT Lab 2.0! okay la it was sort of uncomfortable sitting on the floor for 2 hours, my butt really hurt after the session. Not the point. It was a good lesson anyway, although I nearly dozed off, but that was only for a short bit, it was too uncomfortable to fall asleep anyway (again with the perpetual tiredness, getting really tired of being tired like SERIOUSLY). Dominant and recessive alleles, lalala, quite cool la :-) Before leaving school, went to the PE office in ~hopes~ of getting my CCA records, but it wasn't open........... Psh go figure anywaaay. 

Got home and painted my nails (again), my fingernails on my right hand are so horribly painted, at times like this I wish I was ambidextrous like Nik. Anyway. Not the point. Started on the Cedar paper, that I could do la it just made me think and sometimes it took me really long to get the answer, sigh i feel dumb HAHA. Anyway. Watched America's got talent, had dinner, the usual evening thingggs. 
what am I doing tomorrow. oh yes. Probably going to catch up on work, and then go to the airport at night to pick my cousin up yaaayyy so glad (: looking forward to seeing my cousin + the super long car ride to the airport. I absolutely love long car rides. Hmmm. other than thatttt. 

I really want some starbuckssss. 

:'( Hmmm just a few more days I guess ~ sigh.