Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This reminds me of the day i missed in Prague and the pretty buildings there I never got to see; it also reminds me of the town squares and structures I got to see in berlin & poland. I miss EE. 

List of movies I want to watch:
Never Let Me Go
The Lucky One

Spent the entire day with the cousin, who just came back from America last night. (Went to the airport last night. kind of wished I was going somewhere, somewhere far away, hahaha sounds fun.) Got the whole of 6 hours of sleep, and I'm functioning better than getting 8 hours of sleep even though its supposedly better. Whatever. 
Looked through cousin's old things, and its quite funny going around Singapore with her. She hasn't been back for 9 months and she's like a tourist. Its quite cool how she manages to pick out the smallest of changes, changes I never did notice myself until she pointed them out today. 
Holland V for lunch: tau huey + wanton mee + island creamery sigh fatssss. She went for a haircut and so we went back to her house and re-painted my nails before I came home. Painted my nails so many times the past few days. Heeh. She's prolly coming over on Saturday which is a yay +  I don't have Chinhese tuition to put me to sleep (ok la but it does help I'm not failing or marginally passing anymore)

My conclusion: I am a freaking bitch I wonder how in the world I have friends.

ok bye