Thursday, May 17, 2012

half of my heart

Lalalalala dum dum dum. 

I think I'll self combust in rage tomorrow when they are going through the lit paper because I'm already quite pissed. Whatever we shall see what happens tomorrow. I'll have a lot to say, definitely. GOD GIVE ME CONTROL OVER MY RAGE BECAUSE RAGE IS BAD. 

Anyway, today was a rather good day. God gave me lots of joy like I prayed for, so yay! I pray for a lot more joy tomorrow, seeing as how I have pre-empted my rage. I cannot mess up my lit NEVER. 

Had a post secondary talk from Mrs Sim, and I was really considering applying for DSA through academics + leadership to ACSI, and yeah I was thinking about going for As/IB. Hmmmm. Can't imagine leaving MG though, I really love the place like crazy. So it was pretty insightful (: I hope I do well for the rest of my mid year papers, otherwise I don't stand a chance DSA-ing to ANYWHERE. 

Chinese was the first paper we got back today. Did pretty well for my gong han, but I flunked my bzbd SO BAD because I totally veered off topic. So I got like 22 (out of 70 which is the equivalent of a train wreck HAHA but I just laughed it off......) But I was so thankful that I did (exceedingly) well for my paper 2, and it saved my ass big time. I got a B4 for Chinese in the end, which was a true blessing because I really didn't know what was going on for the chinese exam and was just all......... THANK GOD SO MUCH (': First B in chinese since........ forever. I think I'm freed from any Cs this time round, which is good (': 

Laoshi told us we would be watching a movie for chinese tomorrow #YAY! but from next week on, we would be doing intense Chinese papers ): Grr ok, at least they're giving us a day off! (: I wonder what movie we're watching tomorrow though, hopefully the people don't talk rlyrly fast, otherwise I doubt i'd be able to understand HAHA. 

Chem paper! Gave me heart attacks. Prayed before they returned us the paper that God would give me joy and assurance even if I didn't do as well. Truthfully, I didn't meet my personal expectations, but I had 'good's and 'v. good's over my paper, and I think it was considered a good score, so I was content. Despite the careless mistakes I think God gave me the acceptance towards them so (: The teachers went through the paper and I learnt quite a bit of stuff! So that was good, and yes. 

Recess was cooool, talked about JC/ACSI/Mid year results. Yupppp. Discussing. Aiyah hmmm I'll really miss MG. That was the recurring thought. 

History :-) I did well for the Hitler question and I thanked God so so so much because I remembered my hitler facts and I actually did well for the question. + Mrs Chen marked it in pink teehee pink HAAHAH ANYWAY that was ultra bimbo. SEA, studied really hard for independence and did well for the independence question, was really heartened and was all YAY. But I didn't do well for the question that I memorized for idk why ): But oh well, overall, I did relatively good for History PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!! God is so amazingggggggg all of the time! As Mrs Ng said, when we do well, all glory goes to God because He is so amazing! (: 

Had a talk by AC(SI) to wrap up the day, and I think I made my decision. I'm going to try DSA-ing to AC. & if its not successful, I'm going to work hard and go there through my O level results. Also, I found out today that (from what it seemed) the teacher support system in AC is super super good + methodist school culture + they don't do lectures, they teach classroom style, like in Secondary school. I would really like that. + Higher Chinese girls do actually need to get 3 points to secure a place there, so I really really really do want to try it out (: Going to pray about it tonight, hope God gives me a direction!!!!! 

Headed to Starbuxxxx @ ION after school and sat and talked and had a caramel frap with Liz, Stace & Nicole (: It was a good time catching up hahaha and sharing! + dinner later, it was a nice time just talking about school and all + all the good food and drinks heeheheh. I hope I don't grow fat today I think I ate a lot OOPS HAHAHA. Had a nice time talking to liz + texting on the way home (: I like the free time I have now once Mid years ended. 

I shall go off soon to watch The Voice + prep for Open House tomorrow, MG is the best honestly. :') Bio + E Math + Chinese movie + Lit tomorrow HAHAHAHA quite excited tbh, just hope I can control my ultimate angst for lit tomorrow though! GOD GRANT ME JOY AND JOY ABUNDANTLY & know that Your plans are to prosper me and not to harm me :')