Saturday, May 12, 2012

mid-mid years

"this too shall pass" ♡ 


I haven't blogged since forever hiiiii!

Uhm yeah so mid years have commenced and we're nearly done! 4 more papers, the 4 papers being Physics 1 & 2, Chem 1 & Bio 1, to go and we're done with mid years! (!!!!) We shall be freed from the never ending cycle of school - study - sleep (late). For the time being, because really, mid years is just the beginning but I shall not think about what is to follow just yet! :-)

The papers that have passed are quite, uhm, well. A Math was a real challenge, and I'm really upset because usually I can do all those questions in class & as homework, but when it comes to the exams I'm just like huh :-( Ok but nothing I can do about A Math now! And I think my Chem..... Oh dear ok the paper was hard, but I still don't want to do badly, best subject :-( But the mugger subjects went really well, God was really really good to me because Venice came out for SS, the lit essay question that I spotted about the Sealand woman came out exactly, SEA History & Bio were managable because everything I studied for came out and I was really happy about that. The history teachers decided to troll us for Modern World because all 3 SEQs came out from the theme on LON/TOV + Authoritarian and the poor people who studied WWII & Cold War were all really stunned HAHAHA, but I really do thank God because I could remember all my Hitler facts well enough to do the Hitler question, even though I haven't touched hitler since about 3 weeks ago? yup :-) super thankful, else I wouldn't have been able to do the question!

Yup so must really really thank God for bringing me through the exams because I thought I would have died by the end of this week, what with this week consisting of all the heavy papers + Prince for locking my twitter because my productivity level like tripled HAHAHAHA (I haven't changed my password back because its 2qt AHAHA) + you for always being so encouraging (':

So my days have consisted of sitting for a paper in the morning, skipping recess to study for the next paper if I have a second paper at about 11ish, having lunch with Grace afterwards before going up to our study site outside the staff room to study HAHAHA. Its been fun la, studying outside the staffroom. Good company + I love our teachers in MG no kidding, they're the best bunch. <3 Forever venting about my papers to Laoshi (Chen laoshi heehee) and she's super amusing HAHA. Or today, telling Ms Koh about OBS HAHAHA and history angsting. Or how Grace thinks Mrs Lau looks like a ~*pink smurf*~ HAHAHAHAHA. Love them (': okies okies i think i need to brush up on my physics this weekend. + the 2 hours of chinese daily after mid years end is NO JOKE OK. I really don't want 2 hours of chinese a day because I think I might die. DIE. Okay. uh. Spent tonight doing slides like the nerd I am omg ok. HAHAH

I'm running out of things to say. Honestly, although it has been a tiring week, it has been rather good? I'm not sure. I'm really glad that God has blessed me with more joy recently, (: and how i think everything has been working out fine? I really do hope so. I can't wait for church tomorrow, favourite time of the week by far (': Best (& only) God ever ever ever ever + amazing people, ok