Wednesday, May 16, 2012

or at least, I think I'm trying.

So a run down of the day before I start, uhm, the second part of this post! 

Canteen with grace in the morning as usual, talking. Felt good to not have to do any work :-) For once. Still can't believe Mid years are over, and that the year'll just get ten times more intense after the June holidays. Okay anyway so, wet weather assemblyyyy (which I used to not like, but being Sec 4, nearly everything's just conveniently on the first level so HAHA) 

She kept us in class until Ms Kek had to come down and call us to tell her to let us go up to go through our SS papers, because the rest of the cohort's waiting for us -____-. She was trying to guilt us into helping her for chem open house, blackmailing us with our testimonials. Typical. Anyway. 

SS papers first! Ms Koh went through the questions she marked, and then returned us our papers. Then for the rest of the session I kind of zoned out because I didn't understand what Mr Goh was talking about. You see, I didn't study anything but Venice. Self-explanatory heh. SS wasn't thaaaat badly done. I mean, Ms Koh marked my essay and under Ms Koh standards, I did fairly well :-) For SBQ, Mrs Raj didn't mark an entire question because I wrote the wrong source letter ): grrrr. I asked Ms Koh if I went to fight for it, would Mrs Raj mark it for me, and she said that she most probably would. But after a while I'm just like aaaah, its ok, its just mid years, and its my fault anyway, so no point. Yuuup. :-) 
Can't say I'm disappointed with my SS, I'm not really thaaat disappointed. I'm quite happy, tbh. I mean, for a subject that is rather content based, I started the day before the actual exam, so I think I deserved what I got, however low it may seem. :-) + I didn't get killed by Ms Koh's marking so :-) Things to be thankful for! :-) And my Lit will always be there to pull my combined up (I hope, my lit usually does not let me down, hehhh)

English! Got back our compres first, and subsequently Mrs Ong went through them. I was rather disappointed because on the whole, I score better for compre than summary. So looking at my compre, I was quite sure that I flunked english. But thank God my summary was much much much better than expected, so yaaay (: We got our compos back next. Wrote off topic (a little. I wrote about my brother, the topic was brotherS) so I'm pretty sure I got marked down for that. But otherwise, I did alright for a compo that I went slightly off topic for, so thankful again! :-) And my situational was well done, so thankful thankful thankful! :-) got a B3 in the end, but it wasn't a marginal B3, yuuup, THANK GOD SO MUCH (': because most of us didn't do as well as we expected to. 

Recess with the usual recess crew, I think we were just kind of discussing our papers? Hahah! Oh well. I think I was quite content with the stuff we got back in the morning. Expected, or better than expected (: Went back to class and gathered our things before going to go through our Chinese paper! 

We sat allllll the way at the back of the LT. We were in LT2, so I told Loui & Jiayi the ~LT2 incident~ that happened in Sec 2 with Mrs Lau & Liz, hahaha it was soooo nice to remember those happy times (: So yup going through Chinese was 5% actually listening to what the laoshis were saying, 95% laughing/trying to surpress our laughter HAHAHAHA. Megs was being ultra restless the entire session, and both Jiayi & her began doodling all over my question paperrrrr. Megs has also found her new favourite face HAHAHAHA. it was really really funny and I didn't really listen to what they were saying haha oops i feel kinda bad........ Apparently I wrote the question that was the worst attempted in zhu laoshi's history of marking HAHAHA. She said she gave a few people 8......................................... OUT OF 70. Aiyah I hope laoshi wasn't lying to me when he told me I passed, else I'll be pretty angry HAHAHA and disappointed. But oh well, we'll see tomorrow! (yeahhh, they didn't return us our scripts HAHA)

PROFILINGGGG. We did our DISC profiling again! I used to be an IS (about a year or two ago!) and now I'm an ISC. HAHA not thaaat much of a difference, but C HAS COME UP. HEEHEE I think its quite interesting! As for the job profiling thing, my numbers were pretty balanced for each column (jack of all trades but master of none LESIGHS HAHAHA) okay so that was rather interesting, I like doing surveys (: 
We were briefed on our NE quiz which sounded a bit scary i mean if you fail you can't sit for your Os HAHAHA. But it was a short briefing and we returned to class. Hung around a little and talked to the guides before they went for CCA, and then read a bit, talked to Cristina & Andrea W & read a little bit more, before heading home.

I have done absolutely nothing today. I WATCHED TV THOUGH. America's Got Talent (: I thought today's episode was really heartwarming! There was an epileptic boy who did indoor kite flying (ha ha ha ha fly kite ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHA I think only you might understand this) but it was sooooo cool okay and the judges were really touched by it (': and so they let him through (': YAY. And then there was this 75 year old woman who did hand whistling HAHA I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPER CUTE and she had a really nice personality like, really funny & stuff and it was so sweet ok she wrote a book about her hand whilstling and one of the judges bought it from her (': OK ANYWAY ah yup. And then I read the Lucky One. 

Really jittery for the papers we're getting back tomorrow, sigh! But as Mrs Lau says, just take it as it comes sooooo CHEM AND HISTORY (and CHINESE) LETS GOOOOOO! Hahaha, I think I'll sleep soon. It feels good to have so many pockets of free time hehehe. 

Don't lose heart, don't give up, and ALWAYS REMEMBER to take care of yourself. love you always xxxxx