Wednesday, May 23, 2012

find escape in your eyes

Read this before last year :-)

Today was alright I guess! Chinese in the morning was really hilarious because although we spent the lesson going through the paper 2 we did on Monday (which I did relatively well for, I'm super encouraged ok i've been doing quite well for p2 chinese recently, I think I can do paper 2 la yayyyyy my chinese is not hopeless!), spent half the lesson laughing like crazy because we were passing notes about really weird things HAHA, Cris, Jiayi, Megs & I, about, uhm, hair and Cristina's PENGUIN HAHAHA. Also, when Laoshi left the class to alter some of our classmates' marks, Megs & I stood by the window that overlooked the sports complex area thereabouts where the Sec 1s were leaving for their ROCs1 and we stared at them HAHAHA. Being weird. Mrs Lau walks past too and says we're stalking them HAHAHA. Did some more rubbish before laoshi came back. yeah la too full of rubbish that we CAN'T CONTAIN IT!

Mmmmh, recess tralalala i am quite the horrible person HAHAHA I think so. Anyway, talked about it to Mrs Lau about it, gg to try and see how it works :) As i was telling her, its really hard to love the people we don't exactly like. Hmmm :( OH WELL.

Chem was idk funny we just spent the entire lesson copying stuff for Skill 3. Copy copy copy I am creeped by her just because I did a countdown to Os and all on my diary she thinks I'm some idk anyway. We didn't learn much which was good because I don't understand alkanes & alkenes exactly how to go on to alcohols and carboxylic acids you tell me. I need to revise chem I love chem and all but organic chem might actually kill me. oh well, we shall see I CAN DO THIS :)

Class board games time which was essentially going damn high in class HAHAHA. We didn't exactly play board games, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. It was really fun, laughed so so hard HAHAH. Megs was putting on some rock concert for jiayi, andreawong, cris & I. Yup but it was a good time because it was a hilarious time, :') my friends are so lovely, they always make me happy :-)

BIO hahaha I do like bio :-) Mrs Liow did Skill 3 practices with us too, all our science teachers are going all out for our skill 3. Aaaah ok i love science, I know I'm a science person.

Lunch (I ate a hashbrown, can't grow fat, well can I) with Reenah grace huilin was really funny too! Idk today was generally a really funny day, so yup talked and stuff and I think I was being really weird so I made everything seem really weird and funny. It was a good time anyhows :-) Headed up to our usual spot with grace, where we made cards and came up with our grand plan :)))) Really admire&respect the teachers in MG, they really do give their all for us, sometimes no matter what happens/has happened to them, love them. Grace spent the entire afternoon conflicted, so hmmmm I was just being weird and trying to help her I think? :P

Sigh a little apprehensive about DSA-ing now. I shall go pray more about it and hope for the best :')

Came home, had a cake-cutting session for my brother, his birthday's tomorrow ooohersssss. texted which was nice, felt a little better after telling stuffssss :-) attempted to do some english before playing scramble like crazy and coming on to do my personal statements WHICH BTW I HAVE FINISHED ok time to look for verses + QT now! :-) GOODNIGHT ALL