Friday, October 19, 2012



Short post before I go to bed. Just finished the surprise for tomorrow, from our 2 classes for her :-)

Got to school at the usual time, Abi baked freaking Cookie Monster cupcakes, this girl is talented omg. Thanks babe, :')
Spent the morning with Qi!!!! Because she didn't have to go through bio paper (she doesn't take bio) so she sat outside the staffroom with me, while I did SS, doing her PB camp stuff and telling me lame jokes and about her sad childhood HAHAHA I love Qi :') Aaaaah don't wanna leave who's gonna tell me lame jokes and be my weirdoooo.
Spent the next few solid hours studying omg. Stuuuudied and it was actually pretty productive, got bio done, some physics, and then went to talk to Ayn. Let go and move on, sugar muffin, you were made for even greater, I know you can do it :*
Back to more studying, physics physics and my brain kinda died........ Andrea Wong & Keren came down and we started talking a bit, and then Mrs Choo came out of the staffroom and then kinda joined us HAHAHA. Wong was being retarded and hid her face with her windbreaker, and Mrs Choo tries to figure out who she was............. By smacking her butt HAHAHAH YEAH SERIOUSLY "must be Andrea Wong" HAHAHAHAHA.
Mmmh, walked to the canteen & back with Mrs Choo talking about stuff, before going back and studying some more.
*drowns in notes*
Did more physics, checked my physics checklist, did some SEA, talked to Tanya :))))))), and then did some Bio before going home!
Pretty hilarious afternoon too though :P

Once home, did SS, checked off my Chem syllabus checklist, and then worked on the surprise AND NOW I am tired and I want to go to beddddd.

Goodnight x

Dear self, please let go. (not possible) (try) (idk)