Thursday, October 25, 2012

sugar we're going down

2 hours of mind-numbing physics. Shall do a consolidation of this week's photos before going to check my answers for the chem and bio papers and going to beddd! (I've been falling asleep anywhere, anytime, so often this week. Oh well.) 

Ayn my sugar muffin :* and her braces-free teeth that she was admiring so much HAHA

Talking to these people....... AHAHAHA. 

Nik, Kris & Grace :* 
Walked Nik back to class this morning before assembly, talked to her & Kris outside her class before going back to study hee. Love those two bobos :* 

Grace & Abi :-) 

thought i was over it a looooooong time ago.
guess not. 

Wheeeee gift box & letters from the sweetest CGLs ever :* love you, Krissy Ryanny and Matt :') 

super sweet card from Mrs Choo before I stepped into the hall on Monday :') 
so blessed, she's a great person to talk to. 

above box used to contain snacks that I am currently using as my stationery box! :) WHEE. 

okay back to work.
here's to the mad week ahead, 8 papers next week sigh.