Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Began the day with wet weather assembly, stood on the second level with grace + the level teachers HAHAAA it was pretty funny seeing how we were the only sec 4s there. Anyway! After that, went to 4T with grace to do some physics with Mr Liu & some of her classmates!

Went back to the staffroom at nine and hence began the long arduous lit day. Was only planning to do lit for like 2h, began with a consultation session with Pittas & Mrs Choo, and it went on and we kind of just kept doing lit, like unseen and stuff.......  Also, Mrs Choo was printing her magic booklet thing HAHAHA we took a look at it. Didn't get to help her choose nice fonts :( HAHA Taking a break in between to eat with Graces, my two bbs Kris & Nik came to visit during their recess too, complaining about the mess I made of the table that I was studying on, those two OCD boobs HAHA. And then, continued with more lit......

Pittas & I actually fell asleep waiting for Mrs Choo to come out, and when she did, she saw us asleep and she actually left us a post-it because she didn't want to wake us up HAHAHAHA. When we woke up, like 20+ minutes later, we were wondering where she was and just so happened that she looked out to check on us and came out HAHA, we didn't even see the note until she pointed it out to us...... More lit after that, I guess I was kind of distracted lalalala so I was in this ~~floaty~~ state. Hmph. Pittas left, and I decided to hurry back to my schedule, I was supposed to do Bio. And then Mrs Choo said I should do another unseen because she had to stay back for debate anyway so I could look for her.

Floated around school, talked to Ayn (Cheer up, sugar muffin, really, just learn and move on from it ok luv you :*), Qiqiiii (aka sweaty sticky drill gurl who spent hours looking for Ms Ho, anyway I JUST REALIZED SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO SPEND THIS AFTERNOON WITH ME but I guess she had drill practice so she didn't :-(((( she has prefects camp tomorrow and on friday, sighpiez!) & Nik (:* :* :*) I love my juniors so much ok, don't want to leave them behind :'((((

It was raining pretty heavily through the whole afternoon, so it was dark and gloomy and thundery. Did some history, WWII & fall of communism, read through the unseen and then went to look for Mrs Choo again. AAAH i really did so much lit today.... Stoned and tried to do some more work because it was raining/drizzling so I couldn't go home, until Mrs Choo was leaving and she offered to send me home YAYZ *\o/*  Talked to Elinor while waiting at the concourse alamak they were both complaining about how messy I was whole world complaining about my messes HAHA.
Talked on the ride home, hmmm. Thank you :)

Finished conflict + bonding, did some bio papers, going to make a point to copy the answers out tomorrow morning because I'm too dead to do that now, and I shall do one Chem MCQ before I go to bed!