Friday, October 19, 2012

Another short, before-I-go-to-sleep post!

Today was pretty fun! :-) got to school in the morning, Qi and her uneaten breakfast paid me a visit, along with her super a lot of bags for PB camp! En En came to look for Qi + say hi this morning too :-) I miss Qi. Fleh. :-( HAHA.
Assembly with Ms Ng (as usual HAHA!) and Nicolette today :-) walked Ayn up to class after flag raising, got to talk to her before gathering up my things (I left my things in class) and going to my usual study spot to study! :-)
Managed to finish 1 bio paper, and did random questions from other papers, before grace & Charis came! Walked around, did some SS, finished NI & Bonding. Went down and had breakfast with Kereny :-) HAHAHAHA I swear she's so cute to whatsapp HAHA. Had a good breakfast, good company, she showed me her baby photos and she was so cute when she was younger (WHAT HAPPENED HUH HAHAHA jkjkjk luv u Keren :*)

ANYWAY MY PLAN WORKED managed to get everyone to sign in the card!!!! Proceeded for lit shortly after breakfast and a little more SS and hunting around for my lit classmates. YES SO had our second last lit lesson!!! SO SAD OK really gonna miss lit. Anyway, Mrs Choo had to go declare some buffet open HAHAHAHA which I thought was pretty hilarious. She brought us some grapes, which I got Andrea Wong to feed me the ~*royal way*~ HAHAHAHA we're so retarded.
It was the usual lit lesson and today I really did see light!!! (HAHAHAHA every lesson she comes in and goes "girls today you will see light" man imma miss that) brought grace for lit as well, which was quite fun for her probably ;-) HAHAHAH I love lit lessons. "Girls let's run to Geylang now!" HAHAHAHA. Mrs Choo was pretty mean today HAHA. Yeah, hung around after class to ask some questions, and gave her the card WHOOO stayed up last night to finish it :-)

Slobbed around, did some work, Chem & some history and all, and Yue came to visit at around 5! :-) she gave us the sweetest gifts omg ill post up a picture here soon AAAAH! talked for about half an hour, before finally decided to leave school at 5.45, when it wasn't exactly raining? It was drizzling. Got out of school and got a whatsapp from Mrs Choo asking if I was home because it was raining v heavily (apparently! In other parts of Singapore at least.) so she was afraid i wouldn't be able to get home. Awwwww. :') and reenah finding out that her Andrej the male-female supermodel is coming to Singapore HAHAHAHA. Interesting day on whatsapp today, managed to finish more Chem and I'm REALLY TIRED even though its pretty early, gonna go to bed!!! This week sped by :'(

Get a grip, edlyn :-(