Monday, October 29, 2012



Coulda done better for A Math Paper 1, lost 10 marks to careless. But I got everything else right, so i guess I'm pretty thankful for that. Idk.......... AAAAH I FEEL SO INADEQUATE sigh.

A Math crash course with Ms Ho, Grace & Chou this morning after SS was hilarioussssssss HAHAHA I finally know how to draw exponential graphs, so yay :-)
Also, after the SS paper, I went around school and then went back to the study spot and called Mrs Choo. She then came out a while later. Apparently she randomly came out to the study benches outside the staffroom and grabbed an SS paper thinking it was mine to go and see what came out HAHA. But it was grace's so it wasn't so bad HAHA. Anyway, watched as Mrs Choo had an ego fight with her sec 3. I sat there and almost died HAHAHA their egos are so big haha!

Talked a lot to Abi & Mrs Choo today, on separate occasions of course. Talked to Abi for about an hour, walking around school and eventually settling at the bamboo courtyard. She told me stuff, can't believe that girl (that girl not referring to Abi HAHA) but anyway, glad she did and got it off her chest! Love you dear, :* after that, did some A Math and Mrs Choo walked out of the staffroom to get me to pass some notes to Hannah Chua, and she sat down and talked to me about stuff. Asked very deep questions hahaha and got me thinking a bit. Anyway, told her I'd tell her everything on Friday, when I don't have papers to worry for, so lets see how that goes. Blessed, anyways :)

Went to tuition after the paper and spotted all my shit mistakes sigh. Gonna get 70 for paper 1. I'm aiming for full marks for paper 2, and hoping the plane geom question will close up the gap. Thank the heavens because I can safely say I'm pretty confident for plane geom questions now. Feeling a bit ngeh, I guess. Gonna read a bit more Chem and go to bed. I need to be 100% awake for A Math tomorrow. OMG PLEASE GOD PLEASE HELP ME :'(

(believe me when I said I've tried. I really have.)