Sunday, October 21, 2012


quickie picture post of a summary of this week before I finish writing (another) Chrysalids essay. I have developed an aversion to lit essays this week because I did soooo much lit this week but ok I'll still do it even though I told Mrs Choo I wasn't going to. Anyway.

(I actually have to email all these pictures to myself because stupid instagram won't let me copy image URL anymore)

From Ms A Ng, omg awwww so sweet :') It's hanging on my wall now, so so blessed. 

The random essay Mrs Choo sent to me for Grace & I to edit. The essay that I nearly died trying to edit. 

My crazy juniors. I love you guys, Nik & Kris :-* 

I thought these only existed on tumblr. Thanks Abiabiabi :') :-* 
(they tasted super good, btw)

taking a picture in the toilet ehehehe. 

lunch todaaaay

bought myself new clean colours :-) Except the pink isn't exactly that shade of pink, the shade of pink came out differently in the picture. Oh well. Its like a reddish pink. I like. 

scared la :'( was telling Mrs Choo on Friday how I didn't want to sit for Os, sigh. 

this week was a really really really really good week, like I spent the whole of the five days in school, studying. Talked quite a bit to my dear sweet juniors, QI FLEH I miss uuuuuuuu & I heard you did first aid today HAHAHAHA, Ayn my sugar muffin, Nikkyyyy (oh oh oh so excited for all of them next year ok, y'all are gonna be fabulouuuus), Abi, somewhat :-(, Graces :'), managed to talk to Elinor & Andrea, like random exchanges when I see them. Oh and Raju & Erica the GENIUSES OH MY GOSH. I'm gonna miss my juniors oh-so-much, :'((((( never thought I would, but thank you God for the best bunch of juniors (they are technically my age) ever. 
spent time with grace (omg i see her like 6 times a week sometimes WHAT HAHAHAHHA), got to talk to Andrea Wong & Keren & Cristina (HAHAHAHAHAHA she makes me laugh, whitian.) this week, talked to Mrs Choo quite a bit this week too. IT WAS A GOOD WEEK, ALL IN ALL
Okay I really should go and do my essay now.
PTL for this week, need His grace SO MUCH next week plsplspls omg.