Monday, October 22, 2012


First day of Os, hmmm.

Got to school early (or rather, at the usual time) today! Talked to Abi, mad rush to put our stuff and then sat in for Christmas service! It was pretty awkward, being the only Sec 4, but it was a good service. I felt that the video was super super appropriate and so sad + the message was pretty short and succinct! Had a good time sitting in, really :-) didn't regret whoooo I mean how to regret right, spending the first hour of the day with God!

The teachers were really sweet today :') while walking out of the hall, Mrs Ng saw me and exclaimed (seriously, exclaimed) "WHY ARE YOU HERE SO EARLY?!?" And then proceeded to tell me to not eat anything spicy, oil, fried, creamy or cold HAHAHA. (During recess i was drinking fruit juice and Mrs Ng was like "not too cold ah" HAHAH) Whenever I saw Ms Koh today she'd be all "JIAYOU, we'll keep you in prayer!" *pumps fist* Ms Ng & Mrs Liow were really sweet too, and at about 12+, prayed with Grace & Ms Lau :'''') Got to talk to Mrs Choo a fair bit today too, she found some book with short stories for me to read (Looking For Alaska was not for appropriate today, as much as I love it) and gave me a super sweet card before I went up to wait for the doors of the hall to open :') Was tryna convince her to go up HAHA and she did in the end :)

Praise The Lord x10948294 because our Chief Presiding Examiner is a super nice man :))) like he was really jokey and nice to us, THANK GOD because we heard last year's CPF wasn't thaaat nice HAHA. ++ our invigilators seemed like really nice & gentle heehee ++ instead of 2 familiar faces in the hall, we had 3! Mr Seow is an invigilator! Aiya so used to seeing our teachers walking around and stuff now they're not there meh :( WHOOOOOO okay super blessed.

Not feeling too good about the English paper, I guess compo was okay, but compre and summary were BLEH. Recounted the paper to Mrs Choo after it was over, maybe I could've done better? Idk but what's done is done and now it's all up to the man in Cambridge who's marking our papers, and most importantly, God :))))

Thankful for juniors too, my wonderful darlings who came to wish us all the best today!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS I love my Sec 3 juniors seriously seriously. :')

E MATH TOMORROW supposedly one of my strongest, if not my strongest, subject. YUPPPP okay time to go to bed and pray for the best tomorrow!!!! :-)