Tuesday, October 23, 2012

e math 1

Day 2!

Really should be using my time better and cramming stuff for next week, but ok this is worth the time when I grow old and look back on my secondary school days. Anyway.

Had Math tuition bright & early in the morning at 8AM! Quite thankful I can do math in any given state of mind, half asleep, half awake, meh. But yeah did a whole practice paper before leaving for school! :-) & the bus ride was pretty short, so got to school by 10.45!

Sat at the usual study spot and did a bit of E Math (I realise that I have yet to finish the 2009 E Math paper 1 shit lol I'm such a good student mmh) and then went down to have lunch with grace because I was really hungry. I am quite hungry now, too. Went back up after lunch and did more e math. Somewhere along the way, Ms Kek took Carol Bear away for some walk, apparently she took her to scold the cockpit or something HAHAHA. And then at about 1, took a walk down to the general office and back with Mrs Choo lalalala. Came up and she helped me with work for a bit.

After that I just fell asleep HAHAHA I was really tired........ Grace woke me up but I fell back asleep TOO TIRED LA and then Mrs Choo came and woke me up because I was "sleeping like don't know what" and then proceeded to tell me about how Ayn didn't want to sell her guides cookies alamak HAHAHA. Trudged up to the exam haaaalll.

Yeah our CPE was really nice! He was reading out the instructions to us and was all "ok, after the paper you can take your question paper back" and then we were like......... Huh? And he realised and started bursting out laughing and so did the rest of the hall. Good start to the paper! And the paper was honestly pretty easy. I'm scared of the bell curve now, it's gonna be pretty extreme I would think, hm :( BUT IT'S OKAY gonna go home and do one E Math & one A Math paper and maybe some SS before going to bed! :-)