Friday, October 12, 2012

today our hearts confess the debt we owe, the love we hold for our dear MGS

Last official day of school in MG today, gonna try to summarize the last two days into one post before going to sleep, and officially officially swearing off blogging until Os finish.

Yesterday was pretty emotional, because we had about 1h and 20 minutes of history. We spent the first hour going through our SEA mock papers, and after that, we had like Mrs Ng give us a final pep talk, played us a song and she wrote us all personal letters, gave us a file and a bookmark. Really going to miss history lessons with these bunch of people, and I'm so blessed to have been able to get to know them better during EE :') Thank you, my dear SIT history class, and may we never be sent to the concentration camps/gulags/show trials/gas chambers. :') Anyway, walked out of class tearing because Mrs Ng was soooo sweet and yeah, I'm really going to miss her. Particularly because she's the one who really grounds us to God, and Godly values and stuff :')

Otherwise, the rest of yesterday was pretty alright. I'm going to miss Mr Heng too though, he's a reaaaally good Physics teacher and he's always so patient with us :') Thank God, really, for putting all these wonderful teachers into my life, into our lives.

Today, last lit lesson in the morning, guess it hasn't hit me yet because Mrs Choo's calling us back next week (alamak spent about 5h, from 6PM till now trying to coordinate with the class & Mrs Choo HAHA) and the day before Lit Os, so technically, it wasn't our last lesson. Well, I'm still going to miss itttt. Last official lit lesson, really gonna miss Mrs Choo too :( got closer to her this year, and she's really fun to talk to and  keeps up consistently with my whining and ranting, on top of being a really good teacher. so sweeeet. (':

Last english lesson PRAISE GOD HAHAHA okay being really mean. effectively spent half the lesson outside class waiting for Mrs Choo to be done with the 4R girls + asking her a question, so YES HAHAHAHA. Well. I'm really quite happy okay anyway.

Last Math lesson, Mrs Tee sprained her foot and was supposedly on MC today but she came to school anyway because she knew it was our last math lesson, and she showed us this really cute Math prayer and she answered our questions and it was soooo awwwwwwwww. Like she sprained her foot but she came to school for us :''''') Spent Math half doing work, half going crazy taking photos HAHAHA. had math in 3H cuz Mrs Tee wasn't exactly mobile but (''''":

Teared when we sang the school song during Baccalaureate, words cannot describe how much I'm going to miss MG omg omg omg.

This place has come to be home, the people here, my friends, my classmates, my juniors, my teachers, have come to be second sisters, second parents, second family, and I love them all so so so much. I wouldn't have survived Secondary school without these freaking amazing people, and I love how MG's so so so homey. I couldn't ask for a better school, a better school community because I love these people to death. Thank you guys, for making these the best four years of my life.
I'll always carry a piece of MG with me no matter where I go.
Maybe the feeling of finality will only sink in after next week, because I'm still going back to school from 6 to 6 next week to study.

still grasping what it means to have graduated. because of a certain reason, I have wanted this. at the same time, I don't ever want to leave MG so where does this leave me.